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need an artist

  1. K

    I’m new

    So at the start I wasn’t sure about furries but when I started to watch videos and everything I kinda wanna get involved with it but I worried that people I know would find out. (Also I have no idea for a fursona)
  2. R

    Any shark artists? Please help.

    Hello! I am new to this world and need some help making my fursona. My favourite animal is the blacktip shark so I imagine my fursona as a shark. I think I need some help making art of it by a shark (or just very good) artist. I have no money to give you but I would really appreciate if someone...
  3. M

    Looking for Free Artist for Four Human OCS. (References Included)

    Hello hello, I'm looking to start four seperate characters for roleplaying with their own art, HOWEVER, I do not have money to buy said art. So, that is where you come in! I have references available for both facial, outfit, and physical, along with names and etc. With that being said, here are...