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need help

  1. G

    I and a friend of mine got banned for something that we didn't do at all

    me and a friend of mine got banned on FA for something that we did not do at all and my friend also really never did anything wrong at all to because that person who banned also him blocked him months ago the person who did it goes by the name baronvonjackal and that he sold an oc that he...
  2. fightdragon

    Need help to find a draw (maybe comic)on FA

    I think I found it
  3. WolfosB

    Critique: Looking for general critique (NSFW, softcore fetishes)

    Hi. I'm Wolfos, and I'm looking for people to critique my works. This is my gallery link: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/wolfosb/ I feel as if I could be well on my way to being a great NSFW artist, but I feel like I'm getting caught on just the basics. If anyone who reads this thread would...
  4. nubilum93

    (CLOSED) Need help with German videos

    Hello everyone! On YouTube, I came across the "Till" series. But since I do not know German and the video does not have full subtitles, in some episodes it is not clear what is being said or sung. Can anyone help and write about what they say and sing about? It can be a complete text without a...
  5. M

    (Commission) Selling: Professional music from $25 to $50 USD

    This is a limited time offer, since I'm getting kind of desperate. See my info on FurAffinity, as well as an example of a commission I finished very recently ( about 3 hours ago at time of post). Not the commission info will say $100 per slot, for 3 slots, but this thread is advertising 25-50...
  6. G

    I May Have Messed Up (All Good Now, no Worries ^^)

    Heya guys! So I never used Fur Affinity that much but as my 18th birthday is approaching I've decided to look at the artist on this platform as I've heard good things from them. I can say I love lots of the artist on here! The are some amazing ones on this platform. So the reason I'm making...
  7. Aaron U Pictus

    How not to feel lonely?

    I'm not too sure who to reach out to anymore for the things I am going through. So I decided to post it here. For being so eager to love and easy to give emotion there really hasn't been many in my life willing to take it from me. And I guess it's starting to take its toll. I have no family...
  8. I

    When you trust your friend and someone else more than your mate...

    So, i decided to post this because i need a suggestion of what to do with my situations here since i am suffering a lot... Here is few stories of what is happening to me. Months ago, my mate broke up with me and left... But i can't deny the fact that i can't leave him and still love him... So i...
  9. T

    Hi, I'm new here, came to find help with artist tag

    Greetings, so i came to this forum to ask for help, i want to know how to set up a custom artist tag because i mostly do mechanical 3d shapes if that considered an art.
  10. Angellothefox

    How do I upload a audio greater then 10Mbytes on FA?

    I have made a audio story but unfortunatly it is too long and I want to be able to upload it. Any suggestions on how to make it smaller or how to compress the MB but still retain all of the story in tact?
  11. F

    Looking for Art

    I don't know if I should post this here or under "Site Discussion" but I am looking for a picture set. A three set to be exact. I can't remember the name nor artist, so I am hoping someone here can post a link of either. The setting was post post apocalyptic/wasteland with the first image being...
  12. Blep

    First Fursuit - head building

    Hi! Im having some problems with how I should further build my fursuit head now...Im really stuck! I need help/advice on how to build the top part. Or any other advice basically... (picture in file) Do I need to start anew? :( AND! Any videos for sewing machines or sewing for hand that...
  13. T

    Furry Art Commissions

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone would be interested in commissioning a work? anything from sketches to full colored artworks, either to be posted as a digital art, or mailed if that is preferred. Please get back to me! I'm new to the furry community, but I've been an artist for a while. Prices for...
  14. LinnyChanPL

    I'm in need of help. My journal will explain everything.

    Please, consider donation. -- LinnyChanPL's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I'd be thankful for any help. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them :) Promised earlier I won't post about my life problems and stuff here so I'm not doing it directly. Take care & have a nice day!
  15. LinnyChanPL


    Hi.. I'm pretty upset right now so I'll try to make it clear&simple. >I own Wacom Intuos Draw tablet >my op system is windows 8.1 >none of the drivers want to work (system message is like: DRIVER NOT FOUND/NOT LAUNCHED) >tried to install every single one driver for intuos from wacom's site...
  16. LinnyChanPL

    OC! Need advice and tips!

    Hello again! So few people from there know my Fursona - Linnie. The white fem wolf. But I'm also creating a new OC. I always loved characters which were mysterious or just crazy. Totally insane even. That's why I had an idea for insane OC. For now his nickname is CHESHIRE (in caps) because I...
  17. H

    what do you think of my art?

    wanted to see what people think of my art and if there any helpful tid bit anyone could toss my way so if you think it help please tell me as i really would like to improve my self. things i know i need to improve on are defiantly facial expressions and background as i'm in a defiant 50/50 area...
  18. S

    Need advice

    Hello everyone, I was just wanting some advice. A few months ago I bought a full body piece from an artist and haven't received any WIPs or updates regarding the piece. I sent him a few messages asking about the artwork and he hasn't responded. He has been going through some personal issues...
  19. Paul Bourgeois

    Need pic for furry self.

    So I kinda was needing some help. Could anyone direct me, or even make a german shepherd version me. Well you know furry version. If someone could help with that I'd be so happy. New to everything.
  20. K

    How do I do this?

    Alright, so by the looks of my profile pic, I am quite the newb, so i would like if some of you more "seasoned" FA users could help me out. My first question: how do I change my profile pic?