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  1. snailienz

    Virtual Pet Planet- A Multimedia Comic about Virtual pets (LGBT)

    SO this is kind of my passion project, I guess. I've been working on the story, designs, style and stuff for almost...ten years now? I meant to post this up when I started posting, but at the time I remembered these existed, the forums were down and I thought they weren't coming back since the...
  2. SequoiaH

    Come Scope My First Completed Commission! (Tickles)

    Whether or not 'tickle torture' is your thing, come take a gander at my newest submission. It was an engaging and entertaining commission which I just finished for a client, and is set in the world of Neopets. As a side note, it is rated 'Adult', so sorry younger readers! The Pirates Folly...
  3. Evian

    Any neopets art to share?

    I drew fanart of my strawberry kougra on neopets. [Drawing here] Recently entered this drawing into the beauty contest. Is anyone else entering this beauty contest? Want to share your art entries? Or just share your neopet art in general? I sort of went off-design for the kougra, and added...
  4. Evian

    Does anyone still play neopets?

    I've been trying to connect with other people in the neopet fandom. It seems to be that the group on FA hasn't been very active. Just curious, because I'd love to share more neopets art, and trade and such. Also, does anyone know of a more active club/group for neopets?