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  1. Ghouliesauce

    Another New FA Artist, oh boy.

    New to FA. Please excuse my extra awesome Bakugo pfp, my ghoulie dragon bab icon is a bit outdated, soooo. |D I'm older than I'd like to admit, but alas. 27, feeling ancient and creaky at all times. I draw anthro, humanoid, feral, whatever really. :3 SFW artist. (old and sfw, waaat? I'm just...
  2. Puppy Doll

    Hi there, every buddy!

    Thanks for dropping in to say hi. I'm another nerdy girl and artist, among other things. I'm nerdy.dolly on fur affinity. I'm pretty new to anthro art but I do really enjoy it. I also love video games and spend way too much time watching let's plays. I also enjoy cartoons, traveling and lots of...
  3. A

    Hello FA People

    I figured since Iv already posted a little bit and graduated from lurking its time I make an introductory post. I'am a gay middle class white male living in Canada, I'am 25 years old as of this post and I just finished college, and as a result just started working as a pharmaceutical...
  4. Zydama

    I wanna make some fluffy friends ovo

    Hey there! I'm Jenn, Zydama on FA and on DeviantArt. Honestly I just came to the forums because I'm lonely AF. I see all these great artists with big friend circles and I want to get in on that! The novelty of just chatting and trading art between friends is this sweet dream I'm reaching for...