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new account

  1. MoonxGlade

    Help a newbie find their purrfect species match!

    See what I did there? Sorry about that, I had to. Anyway, thanks for dropping by! This is my first post on the forum so I'm admittedly a little nervous and will probably end up rambling on for longer than is necessary. Hopefully you'll bear with me and end up giving me some good advice. ^^ I'm...
  2. SomeWandomNoob

    Hello and Goodbye

    I've only joined just now... and it's already the end. I'm Some Wandom Noob, aka SWN! My fursona is a Fluff Ant, species NOT created by me (was created by one of my friends;don't want misinformation going around). That's it, honestly.
  3. IvorySkull

    Free Art: Requests are open (SFW & NSFW)! (closed)

    Hi everybody! I'm kinda new around here, I've been lurking for quite some time and finally made an account. So.... my gallery is kinda empty, I don't know anyone and I want to get started in the community :)! And that's why I'm making this post. I'd like to start filling up my gallery and I'd...
  4. Y

    New to the community and looking for advice for getting started

    Hi, this is bit of a late introduction since I've already been active on other threads before I noticed this topic. But regardless, I just wanted to say hi and that it's nice to meet you all :D. So how should I get started in the community (e.g. creating a fursona, making friends with other...
  5. W

    Could anybody teach me how to create a fursona?

    Hello community, I have joined recently and I am lost in this topic of creating my fursona. I really do not know very well what to do in the situation in which I find myself and I am looking for someone to help me and guide me, because there are people here who have a lot of experience. I...
  6. Obvious-Anon

    Hello! Name's Obvious-Anonymous

    Hello!!! ^^ I'm pretty new to the whole website, including to FA and am excited to meet everyone!!! I'm not only wanting to post art, do commissions and adoptables but I really want to meet new people in this community and make friends. I also want to reconnect with roleplaying OC's or...
  7. HatchThePigeon

    Hi Everyone!

    Hey there! I'm new here and posting art on FA under the same name. It's taking some navigating to get around the site but I'm loving my time so far! Would love to connect with other artists and share feedback on each others work (here's a couple of mine in case you're interested)...
  8. V

    Is it weird that I don’t have a fursona?

    This is my first post here it goes. I’ve been an observer of the furry community for almost ten years now. I mainly enjoy the art, stories (both SFW & NSFW), but also the family feel of the group. Like many of you I have found anthros interesting from a very young age and that interest hasn’t...
  9. pinkwwisteria

    Returning to the furry fandom! Hi!

    hello!! <33 ive been a furry since my teen years, took a break for a little while due to the general public view on the fandom, but I’m back because I’ve missed drawing furries!! this is actually my first time using FA, although I’ve known about the site for years. I want to start networking...
  10. piucart

    Hello! / Hola! - I'm trying to share my art

    I introduce myself, I'm Piu, people call me that. I recently joined the furry community and I must tell you that you were very kind :3 Thank you. A little bit more about me I live in Argentina, I plan to live from drawing and little by little I'm leaving some of my work! I'm also practicing...
  11. Pixel_23

    Newbie here!

    Hello everyone I'm new to the forum site and furaffinity itself ^^ I'm a female that uses she/her pronouns I am also an artist! my works can be found on my TH https://toyhou.se/Pixel_ I'm hoping to make some friends and possibly sell my art to make others happy
  12. F

    A new furry

    Hi all furries, i'm a new furry, and I'm hoping to make new friends in the furry community! I've decided to try and take this big step, and take the courage to step out of my comfort zone. I live in a country where not a lot of furries reveal themselves, so this is really something brand new...
  13. PheonixFrostpaw

    Joined in October

    Ok, Hi! I'm a swedish artist and aspiring fursuiter from Sweden! I've been working as an artist and concept developer for many years and freelanced on and of in my spare time. My main area is game illustration and animation, but right now I am only doing it as a hobby. :) I've always seen furry...
  14. ashton the cabbit


    im new and i have no clue what im getting myself into and just wanna have some fun and make new furry freinds i really dont know what to say i mean im a fan of klonoa
  15. RuffTumbling

    *fazes through door* Uh... hi!

    Hey I'm new to the FA forums. I'm not a new furry though. I sometimes don't consider myself a furry and other times I do however so I apologize if I confuse anyone. I'd like to make a few mutual acquaintances on here and on the main site. I'll briefly say a few things about myself. Likes...
  16. cam_ukemi

    My Fursona (Feedback/Criticism Wanted!)

    I am new to the furry community and to Furaffinity! I finalized the forward-facing design of my fursona, Kiraan, today, after working on it for a week. He doesn't have a specific species; he's just a rodent. Looking for feedback/criticism on his design and my art skills. Planning to create a...
  17. TheRazzDazzler11

    Hello I'm new... again

    A couple years ago when I first joined the fandom I made an account here and now I am bringing it back to life. Does anyone have any suggestions on things to do for new people here?
  18. Suri

    Hello! I'm back again!

    Hi, I'm Suriel, Suri for friends, He / They. +18 I want to introduce myself again as I have been very inactive for a long time :( I am a small artist with the dream of being able to share my drawings with others and also work for those who need it! (✿◠‿◠) Warning my content may be for adults...
  19. A

    New to furry and needing help with creating charater

    Ok so I've been interested in furry for a little bit now. I'm all new to everything and I'm wanting to create a character and learn more about it all. Can someone please help me make one maybe find an artist? Give me tips and show me the ropes? Thanks you guys
  20. phantomboo

    New to Furry, Need Friends &/or Tips

    Hi! I'm new to not only FurAffinity but to having a fursona (well, bugsona) overall. I'm an adult so I'd prefer to make friends with people in my age range (19-26) & I'd prefer it if they were more liberal leaning. If you're not looking for a friend or don't fit the above criteria, what advice...