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new art

  1. Xyra

    Lovely to meet you :) wanna talk art?

    Hello! This is my first post and kind of an important one to me. For so long I’ve struggled to comfortable with who I am and that has always caused so many hurdles in my life. Especially in my art. I am finally learning how to harness a sense of expression and identity and in this, learning...
  2. piucart

    Hello! / Hola! - I'm trying to share my art

    I introduce myself, I'm Piu, people call me that. I recently joined the furry community and I must tell you that you were very kind :3 Thank you. A little bit more about me I live in Argentina, I plan to live from drawing and little by little I'm leaving some of my work! I'm also practicing...
  3. Librho

    Hello - I’m new here and don’t know whats going on

    Hi! So you can call me Librho, Lib, Brho(bro) or anything really as long as I know to respond to it! I am an artist, college student, part time emplyee and somehow I’m doing okay? I’m autistic and haven’t done this much at one time in years because of burnout anyway, what’s going on here, how...
  4. cam_ukemi

    My Fursona (Feedback/Criticism Wanted!)

    I am new to the furry community and to Furaffinity! I finalized the forward-facing design of my fursona, Kiraan, today, after working on it for a week. He doesn't have a specific species; he's just a rodent. Looking for feedback/criticism on his design and my art skills. Planning to create a...
  5. tamako_does_art

    i'm new here so have an old art dump! (digital)

    hey there i'm new on the furafinnity sites (this and the art one) so i haven't posted anything yet but i have some old digital art laying around, hope you guys like it uwu. also since i'm new i don't have friends here so feel free to message me to chat if you want uwu. oh yeah and my coms are...
  6. Nokiad

    First Attempt At Furry Art

    Ahhhh, Hello there everyone! I made a new years resolution to draw outside of my comfort-zoneand I've really been into Beastars so, I thought this was the perfect chance to practice!
  7. SaltyPepperJello

    First Attempt at Drawing Fursona!

    Hello! This is my first attempt at making and drawing my fursona. I hope I can get some input on her. I also intend to open commission in this style soon! Her name is Liones! She is a Fox Wizard! She use gems to cast spell and create crystal bombs!
  8. O

    Feeling a little underappreciated?

    I'm sure a lot of people feel this way, and I'm also sure no one needs to hear this, but I hate just watching it happen. I consider myself a somewhat decent artist. I've been drawing animals and scenery since I was 10, and I've even won a few regional art competitions. But it seems like the...
  9. C

    Need an artist to help me sketch a new OC, female bear. $10-$60.

    I'm new to the art scene and I'm looking for an artist to help sketch out a new OC. This will be my first OC and I don't have all the details set up but here's what I got: Species: Grizzly Bear Height:Very tall Body: Thick Hair: Darker brown than the fur, styled in a messy bun. An example of...
  10. Pinkaap

    Share your art!

    What have you recently been drawing? Show me 2 of your most recent completed drawings!
  11. kireann

    I'm new artist here :)

    Hello! I want to invite you to my FA page and to this thread. I'm still new here and I'd be glad if you support me ^^ Userpage of arastasya -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I hope you'll enjoy my art ^^
  12. littlebambi

    New artist here!

    Hello, I'm fairly new to this site as well as the furry community in general but i heard that this was a great place to make friends and meet other artists so i decided to join! i've been doing art for a while now but furry art is still a bit new to me bc of the differences in anatomy and...