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new artist

  1. sherry_p0p

    I'm a Neofurry!

    Also, I'm starting at digital art and Furryart! I have done some reference sheets for my fursona, but I want to draw more sonas, and to have some friends in here. I´ve been at Amino apps but I just can't relate with anyone by far :( I want to keep getting better and do some commissions in time...
  2. Redo30

    Where the best place to sell your commissions?

    Hello! (I hope this all sounds okay I'm new to forms uwu) I'm a freelance artist and I'm trying to sell my art. I wanted to see where other artists sell their commission or where commissioners fine artists to commission? I'm pretty confident with my prices and work but I've been doubting it...
  3. tamako_does_art

    i'm new here so have an old art dump! (digital)

    hey there i'm new on the furafinnity sites (this and the art one) so i haven't posted anything yet but i have some old digital art laying around, hope you guys like it uwu. also since i'm new i don't have friends here so feel free to message me to chat if you want uwu. oh yeah and my coms are...
  4. Charsh

    Hello, I want to start commissions and I am interested in knowing how much you would pay for my art

    Hello guys, nice to meet you. This is the first time I have posted on the forum, I am somewhat nervous. I introduce myself, I am a student from Chile, I have known the furaffinity platform for a year and a half. I have started to generate pieces based on original characters that I asked for FA...
  5. icedesre

    How do I make my art more compelling?

    Just asking for advice here because this has been bothering me for a while and I needed to talk about it with someone. I feel like I have a decent grasp at art, but I still have this sensation that I lack something. Would anyone be willing to help me out? You can be brutaly honest, I want to...
  6. S


    Hi! I didn't just wanna say "I'm new here" because that's a little obvious so here I am, poppin' in to say hello! I JUST started drawing furry art, but I'm a multi media artist currently learning Blender, and trained in the Adobe Suite, so I hope you look forward to what I have to offer :) You...
  7. dysfunctionalnerd

    (Commission) Selling: $10-$15 commissions for sale!!

    Hi there! im really strapped for cash and so i wanna try and sell commissions here. i dont have a lot of experience drawing furries and i need some practice, so im only charging $10-$15 for now, but i do know how to draw pretty good otherwise! his place wont let me post links but im...
  8. UwUCarlaUwU

    Hi im new!

    Hello everybody! Im Carla and im new to the furry fandom, i am 13 and i would love it if you showed me the way of your PEOPLE XD But srsly i appreciate any help!
  9. Qualms

    Decided to redesign my fursona - wanted to share.

    I decided to do some fine tuning to my fursona. I posted a couple days ago on whether or not I wanted her to be a skunk, or a skunk/rabbit hybrid. I have decided to go full-skunk. I'm embracing it because I think skunks are so adorable and introverted. I'm sharing a photo below. I used a...
  10. munoshi

    Hello everyone!!

    Hi everyone! My name is Munoshi (or Muno for short!) and I'm a new furry artist, and would love to get into the community! Everyone here seems like such fun, welcoming, passionate and interesting people, and I'm excited to meet y'all!!!
  11. F

    Tutorial: Help with commissions

    I'm still fairly new to the art world. I plan to start accepting commissions when I get more skilled, and get access to a PC and art apps. I want to know more because I know nothing about commissions except that they can make you good money based on your skills in art.
  12. Quinoasabe

    Ima New Bean

    Hi! Hello! I'm Ira, a lil cryptid artist floating around in the woods who is very incredibly new to this. I don't have a fursona myself, but I'd like to get to know everyone else's! Let me draw your fursona!
  13. WildKitFox

    Critique Request!

    Hey everyone! I'm desperately trying to improve my art skills and would love any and all advice/critique/suggestions you all may have on my work. My latest sketch is a WIP that's found here: www.furaffinity.net: Quinn WIP by WildFox373 I intend to color it eventually, but would love to here...
  14. dub

    (Commission) Selling: Experienced Artist, Inexperienced Furry Building Portfolio-- [$15 - $40]

    Simply put, I've been doing art and commissions for years but am just now starting to dip my toes into the furry community and taking furry commissions. The main goal of this of course being building my portfolio and extending my creative reach as an artist...
  15. Nokiad

    First Attempt At Furry Art

    Ahhhh, Hello there everyone! I made a new years resolution to draw outside of my comfort-zoneand I've really been into Beastars so, I thought this was the perfect chance to practice!
  16. SaltyPepperJello

    First Attempt at Drawing Fursona!

    Hello! This is my first attempt at making and drawing my fursona. I hope I can get some input on her. I also intend to open commission in this style soon! Her name is Liones! She is a Fox Wizard! She use gems to cast spell and create crystal bombs!
  17. Mettalic Fox

    New furry artist and New Attempt

    Hi, I'm new to this, but here I go. I have been investigating many styles, perspectives of hands and feet, all in general (I still do them wrong xD). but I want to show my last attempt to create with my knowledge so far, my character, I am open to receive any opinion or question.
  18. mila_crepe

    Newbie !

    Hello ! I'm just starting furry art and so I decided to join FAF! I hope I can make some friends here and get advice to help me improve my art!!!
  19. J

    Drop Y'alls OCs

    HEY FRIENDS FIGURED I SHOULD POST THIS IN THE PROPER FORUM THREAD WH00PS So I'm new to the scene and need practice drawing furries and anthros!! I wanna get better so I can expand my art portfolio uwu So if you have an OC or a sona you'd like me to do a quick sketch of, drop 'em in the replies...
  20. J

    New kid in school

    Heya friends!! My name is JJ!! I'm....not actually a part of the furry community but I love seeing the super creative OCs and fursonas that people have made!! I actually wanna practice drawing anthros more so I joined FA to get reference on how other people draw their characters ;w; I'm a...