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new artist

  1. SaltyPepperJello

    First Attempt at Drawing Fursona!

    Hello! This is my first attempt at making and drawing my fursona. I hope I can get some input on her. I also intend to open commission in this style soon! Her name is Liones! She is a Fox Wizard! She use gems to cast spell and create crystal bombs!
  2. Mettalic Fox

    New furry artist and New Attempt

    Hi, I'm new to this, but here I go. I have been investigating many styles, perspectives of hands and feet, all in general (I still do them wrong xD). but I want to show my last attempt to create with my knowledge so far, my character, I am open to receive any opinion or question.
  3. mila_crepe

    Newbie !

    Hello ! I'm just starting furry art and so I decided to join FAF! I hope I can make some friends here and get advice to help me improve my art!!!
  4. J

    Drop Y'alls OCs

    HEY FRIENDS FIGURED I SHOULD POST THIS IN THE PROPER FORUM THREAD WH00PS So I'm new to the scene and need practice drawing furries and anthros!! I wanna get better so I can expand my art portfolio uwu So if you have an OC or a sona you'd like me to do a quick sketch of, drop 'em in the replies...
  5. J

    New kid in school

    Heya friends!! My name is JJ!! I'm....not actually a part of the furry community but I love seeing the super creative OCs and fursonas that people have made!! I actually wanna practice drawing anthros more so I joined FA to get reference on how other people draw their characters ;w; I'm a...
  6. Synistar

    New Artist. New at saying hello

    Hey there, My name is Synistar and im a NSFW artist thats been around for about a year now, I just never got around to saying hello to the community yet. I wanted to make something great for everyone with my ideas and style and hope everyone enjoys the work that i do. I know im not the best at...
  7. dzorek

    Free Art: Art Raffle (to help my portfolio)

    Hey guys! I'm kinda new to the furry fandom and I'm trying to gather examples of work for future commissions so I'm offering a raffle here on furaffinity. The actual raffle will take place on FA and the entries that get entered are only those who post on the journal itself. Rules are simple...
  8. marwmellow

    I did my first commission art

    Hola! Finally I did my first commission art c: What do you think about this? www.furaffinity.net: Iris [Commission] by marwmellow
  9. Iris Flower

    *trots into building*

    Heyo fellow furs/bronies/trashcans! I'm new to these forums but not to the fandom. I've been a furry/brony for a couple years now. It's nice to be here!
  10. A

    new artist

    Hi folks, I'm a new artist who is trying to post more regularly and make some friends. If you guys have any tips I'm all ears I'm open to commissions and really want to start filling up my page with new work so hit me up.
  11. Dritazura

    Hello all!

    Hey everyone! I’m a dragoness named Dritazura and I’ve been here for quite awhile, but I don’t think I ever properly introduced myself here. So here I am! I’ve been a part of the community for awhile but kind of hiding it at the same time from the one I love for YEARS out of fear he’d think...
  12. Meatsya

    Hey ya

    Hello! I created my account a couple of weeks ago and just now decided to light up on the forms! My name is Alexey, I'm a cat and on FA I wear the name Meatsya I like to draw different animals and NSFW U can find me here hehe
  13. Nero_Furry

    How to Improve your Artwork

    Hey, So I got an Art tablet ( Gaomon M106K) For my 21. B-Day. I started "Drawing" about 4 days ago and Today i started with the Pad. I used art Tutorials like "Jazza" or "Unimaginatively Imaginative" to get into the basics. I know 4 days is the absolute beginning but i made big progresses over...
  14. B

    Hi, shy new artist here

    Hi, I am Bezzie! I'm new here, it was suggested by a friend that I create an account here on fa. And then I found the forums and decided to introduce myself! so I'm an animal artist, I do pet portraits, but lately I've been wanting to do character art. I also plan on dabbling in some watercolor...
  15. AmberLupus

    Hi, I'd like some advice

    Hey, I'm AmberLupus (This is an individual username - I go by another name everywhere else) and I just joined a few days ago. Firstly, I'd like to ask what YCH is? I want to set up commissions and I keep seeing the phrase 'YCH' everywhere but no long-hand name of it or what it is. Secondly...
  16. R

    Any Artists start drawing late?

    Hi, I'm new btw, I've been following furry stuff for awhile now and thought I'd make an account. So my question is, did any of you artists start drawing later on after teenage/highschool years? I would assume most artists have been practicing a lot since they were younger. I did a little drawing...
  17. S

    requests ! (ill draw ur character for free)

    hey y'all, i want to get into drawing anthropomorphic animals, post a picture of your sona and ill draw it ! (no nsfw/fetish/hevy gore please i am a minor!) examples of drawings ive done of humans below ! :)
  18. rnelonlernon

    It's pronounced melonlemon

    Howdy I'm new ! and yes my username is spelled with an "rn" instead of a "m", but that's because uhhh the rn is supposed to look like an m but a little edgy that's all don't worry anyway I'm new here and excited to do art for people but I'm super not sure how to go about commissions and all that?
  19. divineirony

    Divine Irony intro

    Good day to everyone my name is Divine Irony. I'm a proffessional concept artist/character designer/ illustrator in real life (still a fledgling however) BUT IN THIS PERSONA, i am a hentai artist. im still wrapping around this site as to what i can upload and what i cant, moreso on what i...
  20. restinglichface

    (Commission) Selling: Simple Toon Illustrations ($35)

    Hello! My name is Pluto, I’m fairly new to taking commissions on fur affinity so I thought I’d get the ball rolling by offering six slots for some very straightforward illustrations. - For $35, you get a clean and simple toonie illustration. Flat color, no shading or highlights. No background...