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new artist

  1. restinglichface

    Hi! I’m new!

    Hey hey hey! My name is Pluto, I’m a 25 yr old artist and illustrator from Montreal. I recently joined fur affinity to use it as a platform to post some of my art. I’m fairly new to drawing furries so I’m working on developing a fursona and a personal style. I’m also still practicing digital...
  2. banana_mint

    New to the community, what should I do with my characters?

    Hi, I'm Minty, I'm generally new to Fur affinity and I'm hoping to make some new artist friends here, a good friend of mine recently introduced me to Furrys, and I started creating some characters. I had sooooo much fun with them. I'm not sure if I should put them up for adoption or maybe I...
  3. mirandemia

    New to FA~

    Hello I'm new to FA, hoping to expand my art skills. Take a look at my page and instagram to get a feel for my art style. I look forward to working with you all!
  4. Puppijo

    Hello. I am a newcomer.

    Ehm... Hello there! I am a fresh blood here on this forum, as well as to the whole furry community. I had only a brief contact with furries, and I hope to spend some nice time here, and meet new friends. Hey, If you step by this threat, don't be shy and say hello. I would like to know you guys...
  5. Scrydan

    Recommendations for what kind of Drawing Tablet to get?

    Do any of you have any recommendations on drawing tablets with screens? Trying to dive in and get to doing art, but need some recommendations. As far as price range goes, anywhere between 300-700, with 800 pushing it hard. Possibly hopefully compatible with Affinity Photo and some other...
  6. gamboo

    hi new i'm dad

    Hey guys!! i'm like super duper new to the furry community. I had my furaffinity account sitting around for a while but i've decided to take the step to be more active and actually, you know, upload the stuff i've drawn. I'm really excited to start contributing to this community. I dunno if I've...
  7. Ruffits

    Forum Introduction

    Hey Fur Affinity, I'm Ruffits. I have an account on the official site with the same name. I think I did make that account in like, 2017 but haven't used it until about a week ago, so I'll still consider myself "new". I'm an artist, I draw just about everything. Human, Furry, etc. Some NSFW...
  8. Delightful

    Free Art: Looking for practice

    Hi im looking for practice willing to draw first three people who post ^-^ it might not be good but ill do what i can as I need a bit more practice in digital art still all I need is a refrence and pose :)
  9. SlugSnail

    I'm came here to say HELLO.

    Hi I'm SlugSnail and I draw cartoon and anime. I'm only new to FA since Sep 30th, 2018 so I'm not kind of new here. So anyway, I'm looking forward to start drawing. :D
  10. A

    New furry artist shop!

    Hello! I"m new to the community, hoping to meet some new friends and practice my work! <3 Payments over Paypal I'll only take payment after I'm done Thank you for looking! Headshots - $10 Busts - $15 Full body - $20
  11. TepigFan101

    Heya Guys!

    So hiya x3. To be honest ive been in the fandom for over 2 years now, but this is my first time on the Forums so i might as well introduce myself. Im TepigFan101, im mainly a Pokemon r34 artist on Furraffinity under the same name here, but i do sfw stuff from time to time. Im a huge nintendo...
  12. hollyandhoney

    New Artist Saying Hi!

    Hi! :) I've been lurking around for a while, and now I feel like I'm ready to dive in. I am brand new to the furry community, and I am hoping to find an audience for my artwork (and meet some cool folks as well). I am a Pisces and a Ravenclaw, my pronouns are she/her, and even though my profile...
  13. littercritter

    Hey there ^^ new artist here!

    Hi! I'm Kitty/Oliver and I'm an artist who is super new to the fandom ^^ I'm most active right now on Instagram (@graphitepoisoning) and have commissions open there. Once I get more set up here I'll open commissions on this site (same goes for FurVilla and Weasyl). I mostly do digital art but am...
  14. Chauve-Suri

    Hey folks!

    Hi everyone! My name is Suri, and I'm a queer artist who's new to the site and the scene in general! I'm mostly here to chat and make friends, possibly a little more, we'll see~ But it's nice to get to meet y'all and I hope you're all having a wonderful day/evening/night <3
  15. A0X1

    ★ Anthro/Furry Commissions of any type (SFW; NSFW) [10$ - 100$] ★ + Halloween Adopts!

    Hello everyone! (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡ My name is Theo, I'm a freelance artist and a Veterinary student! ( ˙꒳ ˙ ) Not long ago I came back to the Furaffinity community, so I'm opening some commissions! Mainly I am an anthro artist. Currently, I'm taking any kinds of work, more information can be found on...
  16. MalDefekt

    New, shy, artist here!

    Hello! I'm Mal and I'm new to the forums. I'm 26, Male pronouns, and tired xvx; I've been a fan of furry art for a while, but was too shy to really get into it. Now I'm wanting to get a bit more into the community and see if I can't make some friends here ovo;; I'm primarily going to log in...
  17. F1uffy.Chips

    Calling all cat OCs

    i made an cat base I would love to use it!Here is the base I’m pretty new to art so I might not be good Post your refs I’ll try to do everyone #1: @MadAssistant (finish) #2: @Le Chat Nécro (working on) #3 @GumiTheCarrot (haven’t started)
  18. goaaty

    Hello! New Artist arriving!

    You may call me G O A A T Y <3 I am new to Fur Affinity and the FA Forums! I am an artist & I am trying to get my name / style out there! [I have a DA as well.] A lil bit about me; I am turning 23, tomorrow! I live in Texas and love animals ! ^_^ I work in IT, full time. So drawing / art is...
  19. EverythingIsNAND

    New artist in training!

    Hello everyone! I'm but a little artist who decided I wanted to learn to draw furries. This community has the nicest people and the best artists so I was hoping to make friends and mingle with all of you. I haven't really worked out my own fursona yet (I'm thinking about making it a cockatiel...
  20. U

    Please let me draw your fursonas! ^w^

    Hello ^^ This is a new account so my gallery is pretty empty. I'd love to get up and running, and open commissions soon (maybe even do adoptables?) but I'm not really sure what to draw to get started.. So if you'd like some free, cute art of your fursona just comment below with their ref or a...