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new artist

  1. OpticFurry

    hay guys ^#^}/ I'm new and I draw nsfw

    lol ...um hay soo first time on the thread .. my name is Opticfurry.. lol but you can just call me optic um Yea so if you wanna check me out and be friends i'd love to chat and share artwork also if you want to know abit about me just ask . - 20Yrs old -Anime fan/artist Hentai fan/artist...
  2. Keywee612

    New of this thing

    Can something tell me what to do now, I'm new of this thing, so help Me what to do and what to show Still planing make introduce comic my Fursons only thing is I don't know how make A comic I can draw but not a comic unless make koma panel vertical style even that don't know how
  3. F

    Hello! I'm super new

    Hi Everyone! I just created my account (and a matching furaffinity page) today, so I'm as new as can be. I wouldn't say I'm truly a furry, I don't have a fursona or anything, but my roommate is really into the whole culture so I got to see parts of her fursuit as they were made, plus some art...
  4. Keywee612

    Hiya i new here

    Hello there I am new of furry fandom plus what feel like, Main goal to have friend or friend who get me who I am, don’t have friend anymore since got school out, I hope make some friend here, kinda shy not very social and anxiety thst my is puzzles My fursoan is a male, species a cabbit find...
  5. 2DFIEND

    Hello !!

    Hi !! I'm fairly new to this website, and I'm going to try to be active and post a bunch of my art on this website besides from DeviantArt. If someone could help me out for anything regarding this website, that'd be awesome ! My FurAffinity is here: Userpage of hydralilith -- Fur Affinity [dot]...
  6. Storiel

    lets be friends ! <3

    umhh hello everybody? I'm new here and I'm new on FA~ I'm from Russia, Saint-Petersburg. I want to be friends with someone, I love to talk with forigners, bc you're so cute! Hearing your stories, feelings etc. are so interesting, ow Hope we can be amazing friends!
  7. N

    Greetings from Staggheart!

    I have left, sorry!
  8. EmberSoul


    Hello. I am new to this community and to top it off I am [mostly] new to online socializing. Well... it's been a long time since I did much of that. I am an artist who is trying to get back into the swing of things and I hope I can meet new people and have some to have conversations with. I...
  9. serullien

    Looking to draw anything, full body paints!

    CLOSED Hey guys, I'm serullien and I'm new here but I wanted to get more practice drawing furries (or scalies) soooo feel free to send any requests, just reply to this thread or message me with what you want drawn! Examples: Just lemme know if you want a digital paint or a lineart! I'll...
  10. SpaticTech

    New here! Hai!

    Ayeeee I'm new here! I wanna talk to some peeeeeps! Swing me a comment over here I won't bite! I've been a furry for a while, just never got in this website before. I'm a digital artist and I draw my anthro characters! I've always used Deviantart to meet people to work with and I wanna change...
  11. AlfieOmeg

    Newbie here looking for some practice!

    Hey everyone, Alfie here! Just wondering if anyone would be cool with me using their Fursona's for practice while I get back into the art groove? I was never really good with the 'cartoony' type of artwork lol I will just post them in this thread as I finish them, if that is okay. Here are...
  12. VigilantWasHere

    Vigilant is here, to draw and stuff...

    Hello My name is Vigilant and I'm here to get better at the art of the furry kind. I don't have much right now but if you'd like to help I'm willing to sketch for Free for now. Here is my FA account! :D Userpage of vigilantwashere -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I'd like to get better at NSFW...
  13. Earth_ookami_iram

    Taking 1 Head Commission

    I thought I would post in the forums as well for the people who didn't get to see it on my image posting on FA. ORIGINAL CHARACTERS ONLY!! Now that I've tested the waters with two Freddy heads and one Springtrap (Pics coming soon, progress pics on Instagram: TheThrall) I'd like to get into...