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new blood

  1. A

    New to furry and needing help with creating charater

    Ok so I've been interested in furry for a little bit now. I'm all new to everything and I'm wanting to create a character and learn more about it all. Can someone please help me make one maybe find an artist? Give me tips and show me the ropes? Thanks you guys
  2. Aloshin

    New to the furry community

    Hi! I'm new to the furry community :D. If you have some recommendations or tips for begginers I would love to hear them <3. Thanks!
  3. AuroraGalaxia


    Hi. Uhm, I'm new here and to the fandom... Uhm. I'm looking for friends and people to like me for me... I kind of had a feeling I was a furry a long time ago, but never really followed it... I'm kind of shy but when I get to know you, I definitely warm up to a wonderful person...
  4. Furryfox777

    Dapper dabbler

    Yo. Alliteration, am I right? ... I'm not entirely sure how to start this, so I'm starting it with a generic "I don't know how to start this" kind of thing. I chose a generic name because I'm hilariously lacking, far as creativity goes. But I've had some furry friends and kind of considered...