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new character

  1. Tubs

    Hiring: Closed! (Flexible Budget): Need Help Creating Shark Character

    Hello! I was interested in creating a shark sona/character, I need someone who is probably versed in more muscle/bara type of art and who has experience drawing sharks! I wanted to create a shark character that has more muscle/on the bigger side and probably has markings/scars/etc. In terms of...
  2. C

    Hiring: Seeking Help with Fursonas/Furry OC Designs [$5-$80]

    Greetings! So, I'm pretty new to the whole furry community. Been fascinated with this stuff for a long time, but recent events gave me lots of time and I decided to be bold and take my first steps here. Hope to meet others, make friends, have fun, roleplay and whatnot! Still learning all the...
  3. D

    Hiring: Closed!

    Hello! I'm looking to bring a new character idea to life and would like to start it off with a full-body reference piece! A full reference sheet isn't a requirement for this and no elaborate poses/extra characters will be in place! A simple or no background would be great with a preference for a...
  4. F

    Khajiit breed opinion

    I plan on making a new male khajiit on ESO when internet is back up. I might use it as my main fursona as well... ESO has more khajiit customization than ESV Skyrim. Let's see which breed gets the most support. It will be probably a few months but I'll check back on this post. For vampire choose...
  5. PanPolyFox

    Help W/ My Mates Fursona Reference Page?

    Okay so, me and my mate have been together for 5 years now. I've been a furry for many years before we met, so I already had my fursona worked out for the most part. Up until then he was more of a Furry Fan, but I convinced him he needed one if we're eventually going to get him a Fursuit (and...
  6. Mettalic Fox

    Request: Some one draw or update my character

    Nuevamente dibujo arte peludo, pero busco a alguien para dibujar mucho mejor mi arte y uso de la inspiración de mi personaje. Por favor, alguien dibuje el mismo estilo de estilo grosero para mi arte. si lo pago, lo hago, pero es gratis también es bueno. Imágenes de mi personaje
  7. Murderhorse

    New character opinions?

    I made him kinda basic, but I like him! His peach golden eyes are the most important part! Help me design him, add some quirks, likes/dislikes and personality traits below, a well as your opinion on his design! (Base creds in pic)
  8. Conseqq

    Request: Art of my New PokéCharacter!

    Hey! I have a really new character that I've been trying my hardest to promote, in hopes someone would be interested in helping me get some art of them They're a strictly SFW character, a Pikachu variant named Cotton, and I love them to pieces. Here's what I got so far. Thank you all so much...
  9. Thefreemasons

    New to the Fandom, trying to figure out where to go from here!

    First, let me start off by giving a warm welcome to the community. Hello everyone! Second, as the title of the thread suggests, I am quite new to the fandom. How did I find the fandom? Ive recently been getting into looking at art of anthropomorphic animals and eventually stumbled upon furry...
  10. S

    Looking for Artist!!!

    Hello! I'm looking for an artist to design a character for me. The main problem I seem to be having is finding an artist who takes payment methods other than paypal, such as gift cards or just other general methods. Reason behind this is paypal doesn't seem to work for me anymore. It doesn't...
  11. Aiseka

    LF Artist who can draw my new horse fursona!

    Hi all! I am looking for someone to draw a new fursona that i have in my head. She will be an anthro horse. I have a lot of details in my head, but my biggest problem is that I don't have much money to offer you. So I am looking for someone who can actually create my character for a small fee...
  12. Marziipanz

    Greetings and Salutations! ❤️

    Hello everyone! The name is Marzi and I’m a long time furry lover but completely fresh meat. I have little to no concept about how this community works, but from what I’ve gathered it’s just a bunch of cool-cats (or dogs, or bats, or what-have-you) just charting it up and having a good time...
  13. P

    new sona design, looking for art!

    testing out a new fursona design! they're a mix between a red panda, black bear, and semi-wild cat. they have dyed hair & a ton of piecings (septum, industrial, conch, tongue, stretched "lobes", and bridge/erl)! they're actually not as serious as i made them look, tho they can be sometimes...
  14. Ninapaw

    Foxes Adoptables open

    Hello check this out :3 SB 15$ each one www.furaffinity.net: FOXES / ADOPTABLES OPEN by Ninapaw