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new friends

  1. a sleepy kitty

    New ACNH friends!

    Interested in making new friends to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons with? If you want to post your Switch code for friend-searching, feel free! You may also ask me for my code if you'd like to, or dm me your code if you're not comfortable posting your code here.
  2. Parabellum3

    Any Volunteers?

    Yesterday, I broke up with a really good friend of mine that I've known for awhile over a sensitive topic and (possibly) discrimination towards my disabilities. So, it had hit me quite hard so the only option I have as of now is to find a replacement in order to speed up my recovery and take my...
  3. Andie

    Furry Xbox Players

    are their any gamers furries who play xbox! I'd love to become friends and play together! You can add me on discord, reslaytable#9712 , or add me on xbox, reslaytable!
  4. nacro

    Game i play

    Hey there im lonely in gaming and i need friends to play with cheek out my account and be nice
  5. L

    Here goes nothing.

    Hello to all who may read this! This would be my first time posting on the FAforums as is pretty obvious because of where this is. But i figured i would go ahead and try this out. I am LtBlackGrizzly or any number of version of that name is fine. Ive actually been in the fandom for years but i...
  6. x_pixel_x

    hi hi! first timer furry trying to make friends (ᵔᴥᵔ)

    hello! thank you for stumbling onto my introduction. my name is leah but you can call me pixel (ᵔᴥᵔ) I'm 18, female and also pansexual! I'm really new to this community and hope to make friends :3 please feel free to message me and say hi!
  7. BellaHam

    Looking for an RP-Partner (人◕ω◕)

    This post is no longer available and I'm not looking for any new rp-partners. Thank you everyone who contacted me before I edited this post, you're the best!
  8. E

    Colorado furries and DenFur

    hey so I'm new and I was wondering if anyone is in colorado? ( I don't know any other furries near me ). Also if you live in colorado, are you planning on going to DenFur?
  9. SophieLovesYou

    Hello New to the forums

    Hello I am looking for new people to talk to, If anyone wants to talk just let me know!!
  10. Wild-Fantasy-Run

    The New Blood CH.22..............>__>

    Hi everyone I am the new guy. So I thought I take the time to introduce myself, I am not new to being "furry" for I have been like that for 2 years. If we are talking in the non-sexual sense I have liked anthro characters and stories my whole life. I guess I learned I was "really" into this...
  11. G


    Hello! :D I am a new fur I guess... Anyways I heard this was a great place to come and get to know the fandom better as well as make friends with other furries! I’m currently in the process of making a husky fursona so I’m super excited about that! After that I’m gonna try and get my first...
  12. kireann

    I'm new artist here :)

    Hello! I want to invite you to my FA page and to this thread. I'm still new here and I'd be glad if you support me ^^ Userpage of arastasya -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I hope you'll enjoy my art ^^
  13. CoolCoolSkies

    Hello hello!

    Hi! My name is Cool Cool Skies, though you can call me CC! So I guess this were I do an awkward "about me" so here it goes: I'm an artist, in a very broad sense, since I do a whole lot of things, I'm a cat person, and surprise! I'm not actually a furry haha But I have been enjoying the...
  14. Saki_Fox_Takeda

    Hi from a new fur.

    Hello every one, even though I have watched the fur community from the side lines for many years, I never really had a chance to try to get into suiting up or anything. If anything I guess you could say I have just sort of admired. But, I have decided to suit up for Dragon Con for next year. And...
  15. mysticsonata

    hello everyone :3 im new

    so hi everyone! my name is mysticsonata or liam :) its nice to meet you all. i am hoping i can make some friends. ask me anything you like i am a open book :3
  16. lilwane1312

    Hey im new

    my name is Night I am a pansexual femboy hyena who loves to chat!! PM ME!!!
  17. TitantherareCorgi

    just a corgi looking for some new friends close to her home

    Hello there everyone Titan the corgi here. I was wounding if there any furs close to my home state of New Jersey or in New Jersey for that matter. My birthday is close at hand i would love to make it a special one this year with some new friends
  18. SpaticTech

    Kinda New Here

    I've been a furry for a good while. However, I've never DOVE into the fandom before. I'm hoping to meet some new peeps out here. I'm a scaley, yes, one of the few. I've always uploaded on my DeviantArt profile, and I'm a proud possessor of 300 watchers on it, but I wanna meet the FURRIES not...
  19. Lusha Faylen

    Looking for friends.

    Hi. Just a wolf/dog hybrid looking for some new friends