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new fur

  1. MoonxGlade

    Help a newbie find their purrfect species match!

    See what I did there? Sorry about that, I had to. Anyway, thanks for dropping by! This is my first post on the forum so I'm admittedly a little nervous and will probably end up rambling on for longer than is necessary. Hopefully you'll bear with me and end up giving me some good advice. ^^ I'm...
  2. Zerafa

    Hiring: ($100+) [Closed] New Fur looking for Character Design/ Ref Sheet creation and some answers (SFW, 80$-150$)

    Greetings, been messing around with furry stuff for a few years now and with lockdown around finally decided to explore the fandom further. On that note: Hey everyone, nice to meet you! Concerning the commission, it'd be my first character (species is eurasian lynx) and I only have a few...
  3. Qualms

    Decided to redesign my fursona - wanted to share.

    I decided to do some fine tuning to my fursona. I posted a couple days ago on whether or not I wanted her to be a skunk, or a skunk/rabbit hybrid. I have decided to go full-skunk. I'm embracing it because I think skunks are so adorable and introverted. I'm sharing a photo below. I used a...
  4. Qualms

    Not sure about myself or my fursona

    Hi. I'm a new fur. I think that's what it's called. I'm 25 going on 26, and I'm a bisexual woman. I'm married. I love my wife and my home life. I have a good relationship with my family. But I have no close friends. Not after college anyway. I want to make friends but it's hard for me. I often...
  5. Legbascrossroad

    Local to AC/ Postcon Hangouts

    Hi everyone! After a few years of considering myself fur-adjacent I'm finally jumping in with both paws. I'm still working on finding/ building my 'sona, but I'm super attached to Dutchies. <3 Anyways, getting to the point. I can't make it to AC this year, as we're short-staffed at work. BUT my...
  6. Skittlesthehusky

    Greetings! <3

    Howdy, my name is Skittles. I'm happy to be here! My goal is to meet as many of the furry fandom as possible and get to know the community a lot more. Don't be afraid to talk to me! I don't bite! If you wanna know a little bit more about me; I'm a self taught artist. I absolutely love...
  7. A

    New furry artist shop!

    Hello! I"m new to the community, hoping to meet some new friends and practice my work! <3 Payments over Paypal I'll only take payment after I'm done Thank you for looking! Headshots - $10 Busts - $15 Full body - $20
  8. halotato

    Unsupportive Friends and Wanting to be in the fandom again

    Hi there, forum people. I should give a little background: I used to openly be a furry in high school, drawing furry art in public, not denying being one, and all that stuff. I followed all the latest in the furry fandom and even drew for some people. I never had really any friends though...
  9. Packmentality

    New sona design and ref semi-realistic timber wolf

    Hello everyone! I’m a new fur and just getting started.. be gentle! I have a pretty good idea for my sona however I’m no artist.. as evident by my icon.. and would really like some help with a few things to finish him up as well as have a reference sheet drawn up for him. What I’m looking for is...
  10. C

    So, i'm a new furry

    how does one become a part of the community? can i have any tips and things i should know?
  11. K

    Young and new furs

    Hello all young and new furs I am the wolf or Kaade call me whatever but I am wanting to talk to some people and try to help them learn our fandom to the best of my ability I can also Give people rides to and from conventions so they can see what they are like and I can also let people use Brand...
  12. 134

    I just want to say hello.

    I felt the urge to introduce me to you. I'm now for a couple of days a member on this website and I had lots of fun since then, I live in germany and rediscovered the furry fandom about 1 or 2 months ago. So, how did I discover the furryfandom? Let me explain you: as I was a young boy I liked...
  13. closetcutie

    New fur looking for help

    Hey all! ^-^ My name's Abby, and I'm a 16 year old Canadian girl who's completely new to this fandom, but also a longtime admirer. Lemme explain myself lmao So uh... basically, ever since I was a little kid, I've always been an animal lover (how generic, I know lol). I was your average edgy...
  14. Wild-Fantasy-Run

    The New Blood CH.22..............>__>

    Hi everyone I am the new guy. So I thought I take the time to introduce myself, I am not new to being "furry" for I have been like that for 2 years. If we are talking in the non-sexual sense I have liked anthro characters and stories my whole life. I guess I learned I was "really" into this...
  15. Dubwolf

    Hello there

    Hello my name is Dubwolf ,or you call me for short Dub I am relatively new to fandom i have been in this fandom for roughly a year What to say anymore i gonna probably attend MFF this year for first time :) Cheers !
  16. K

    Hello, newbie here! o/

    Hello everyone! Let me start by saying that I'm new to the fandom in general, though, I'll admit I DID had a bad opinion of furries for the longest time until I started watching furcon videos and started watching furry youtubers. That was then I realized that not only furries were normal people...
  17. Aaron Pictus

    Hello from a Painted Dog ^^

    Hello all you wonderful furs! I'm a 24 year old male fur from South Africa who is new to the forum. Just wanted to drop in and show myself. Ive been a fur for a good number of years now, and proud to be one! hehe I hope to get along well with anyone who is keen to meet me. I love every fur...