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new furry

  1. Just-Joeying

    New & Nervous [SFW Digital Artist]

    Hello there! My name is Joey and I am a queer self-taught artist from Canada who has only recently come out as furry. This is my first step into the community in an official sense (I was always lurking from the shadows and admiring the art and characters I found on other sites) and to be honest...
  2. F

    New to...*frantic arm gestures*...this whole thing???

    Hi! I'm Lola! I'm hoping that you won't notice I'm actually 2 goblins in a trenchcoat. (cis female, bi/pan -- idk, dude, i'm figuring it out lmao) I've always been interested in the Furry lifestyle, and now I'm here, developing my Fursona! (Click the spoiler below to read what i have so far)...
  3. piucart

    Hello! / Hola! - I'm trying to share my art

    I introduce myself, I'm Piu, people call me that. I recently joined the furry community and I must tell you that you were very kind :3 Thank you. A little bit more about me I live in Argentina, I plan to live from drawing and little by little I'm leaving some of my work! I'm also practicing...
  4. Kiwibat

    New to the Furry Community!

    I'm not to sure where to start at all but hello there! I guess I will start with a little bit about myself? I am an artist who LOVES to draw bats and griffins, I absolutely adore nintendo games specifically Pokemon, Animal Crossing and Legend of Zelda, and I am also from the Texas area! ANYWAY I...
  5. Deegan Rin

    Need Help creating my first fursona

    So I'm super new to the world of furrys and fursonas and I've always been interested in bringing the me that hides away into the light. I don't necessarily think of myself as a furry but I've always been interested in creating a fursona. My own personal alter ego. A more true to myself version...
  6. Nate/Satsuki

    New to the community

    Hey. I just joined not too long ago and I was wondering if anyone has any advice. Or if you just wanna chat that’s cool too.
  7. theWiitch

    Hey, I'm new to the community!

    I'm really not sure where to start in the grand scheme of fA and the forums, so hello! I'm Seren, and I'm pretty new to the furry community. I live on the West Coast of Canada, I'm 26 years old, and I enjoy writing, reading, video gaming (PS4 primarily), and drawing. There's a number of places...
  8. ghostkyu

    Hey there! A new furry here!

    Hey I'm from 22 from the UK (am I too old to only just join the fandom hehhe? ) I have been attracted to the furry fandom from afar for some years now but only just started actively participating recently! I don't really have many friends with similar interests so it would be awesome to make...
  9. Kyra QueerDeer

    Request: My Fursona

    My name is Ceanne and I am looking for someone who is willing to sketch my fursona. I am new to this and do not have money to pay anybody. All I know is I want to be a wolf with antlers. I would like my color palette to be very nature based. I can’t wait to see my fursona come to life!
  10. L

    Feeling a bit weird right now

    So, I kind of been into drawing anthropomorphic animals (albeit badly) for a while now, and never knew about the furry fandom. My friend recently told me about furries, focussing on yiff and calling them weirdos. Inside, though, I was thinking to myself "I actually have to look at this". So I...
  11. SimilarSquid

    New to the Furry Fandom!

    Hey, i am new to the Furry Fandom, and i don't really know where to start. I want to get to know the community, and talk with other Furries too! I heard of Furries, and since a short time i was looking some more info about it. Still not sure why, but i am really in love with Furries right now...
  12. CommonBard

    So I'm new. What does it mean to be a furry?

    Through the black hole that is YouTube, I found the furry community about a month ago. Everything about it really resonated with me. I enjoy the idea of making a fursona, using an animal like appearance to perhaps represent a side of myself that I don't get to share or are too afraid to show...
  13. littercritter

    Just Excited, That's All

    Aaaa feel free to ignore this post because it's kind of irrelevant but I'm still super new to the fandom. Like super super new. I made this account along with a FurVilla, Weasyl, and Furry Amino account either on Christmas or the day after and that was when I really accepted my fandom interest...
  14. halotato

    Unsupportive Friends and Wanting to be in the fandom again

    Hi there, forum people. I should give a little background: I used to openly be a furry in high school, drawing furry art in public, not denying being one, and all that stuff. I followed all the latest in the furry fandom and even drew for some people. I never had really any friends though...
  15. E

    Colorado furries and DenFur

    hey so I'm new and I was wondering if anyone is in colorado? ( I don't know any other furries near me ). Also if you live in colorado, are you planning on going to DenFur?
  16. Benjie Foxilia

    Fursona Creation Help

    [TEMPORARILY CLOSED] Hi there! Thanks in advance for reading this. The name’s Benjie, and I’ve been having a bit of trouble... For about a year or so, I’ve been struggling with creating my own fursona. I’m a new member of the furry community and have very little experience in drawing...
  17. C

    So, i'm a new furry

    how does one become a part of the community? can i have any tips and things i should know?
  18. M

    H-hi, I'm new. Um... yeah.

    I'm completely new at this. Uh... I designed a quick fursona. Not quite done with it's info. But.. yeah. A little list thingy of what I have so far. Name- Majesty Sidus. They're a hyena. I don't have much info about them right now. I just wanna meet people, haha. Sorry.
  19. A

    New Furry

    Hi, uh just realized I was a furry a few days ago, and Um, yeah I don't know what to say. Sorry, I'm very socially awkward ;-;
  20. retrovertigo138

    I'm a new furry, HELP!

    So, I've had fursonas and enjoyed furry art for years, but I've only been an active member of the community for a few days. I'm just trying to make friends and find a good place to do some literate roleplay.