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new furry

  1. K

    Hello everyone

    Hey guys. My name is Luke. I'm 19 from the USA and I'm into performing arts! I've been kind of dodging the label of furry for while, but I've finally decided to embrace it and I'm very excited to see what this brings! I'm very interested in fursonas and meeting other people, but I could use some...
  2. K

    Hi I'm new!

    Hello everyone! So I'm veeery new to the furry community and I'm not really sure what I'm doing at the moment, so if anyone has any advice or tips about what to do now that I've joined the fandom, I'd really appreciate them. I'm very interested in creating fursonas and meeting new people, but...
  3. MoguMoguArt

    Hii! New to the furry fandom, trying to make new friends c:

    As the title suggest, actually I've always had this premade judgement about the furry community, that furries are mainly into porn and such But i was proven wrong! Why did i join, you ask? well, i love animals, and i so happened to love rats so much that i made a fursona. She originally was...
  4. Zeraph_

    Hi, I'm new here.

    Ok, so I recently signed up for FA and I don't really know much about furries and our culture. My fursona is pretty undeveloped. So far, I'm just a Neko with a habit to game all the time. I could really use some help navigating my way. What tips would you give to a new furry like me?
  5. G


    Hello! :D I am a new fur I guess... Anyways I heard this was a great place to come and get to know the fandom better as well as make friends with other furries! I’m currently in the process of making a husky fursona so I’m super excited about that! After that I’m gonna try and get my first...
  6. BlindFate

    Just found the fandom!

    Hello! After many years of internet use and drawing, I've finally figured out those animal things I like to draw are called "furries". For better or for worse this is where it's led me. All I've done in terms of a fursona is do the quick sketch of a shark head that you can see as my avatar. I...
  7. Brandon G.

    New to this world and need a ref for my fursona

    Hi, I'm new to the furry world and would like a full body of my sona standing. naturally i have no ref photo since this will be my first. what i am looking for is a thin fox with the classic white, orange, and black markings in a dapper outfit(slacks, button up shirt, vest, and bowtie or tie)...
  8. Martin2W

    Im new to the fandom and would like to chat about it

    Hi everyone Im new to this fandom and I would like to know more about conventions, maintenanc of fursuit other furry things. You can tell or ask me anything ;)
  9. J0uji

    Hi! I'm new and I have a few questions if you don't mind answering?

    Hi! My name is Jouji and I'm new to the furry community! I've been looking into this for a while and just never joined, but now I finally have. I was wondering about a few things if anyone doesn't mind answering. For one, is there anything considered taboo? Or is there anything I shouldn't do...
  10. SirMason

    New to the fandom.

    Haii, I'm Mason and I'm just honestly new to the fandom all together. It's something that I've been before but never thought much about, but I've just recently (Very recent) decided I wanted to commit to it. I've been reading up on other websites about your fursona and such, and I've realized...
  11. Saki_Fox_Takeda

    Lifestyle, none fur versus fur.

    So, I am pretty new to actually being involved in the fur community aside from just sitting on the side lines. So, I wanted to ask a few things about suiting to help me better understand the community. Taboo's: What are the no no's when suited up. Aside from the common sense one's. What are the...
  12. Saki_Fox_Takeda

    Hi from a new fur.

    Hello every one, even though I have watched the fur community from the side lines for many years, I never really had a chance to try to get into suiting up or anything. If anything I guess you could say I have just sort of admired. But, I have decided to suit up for Dragon Con for next year. And...
  13. Bearwizurd

    First FA post Critique/Should I try making commissions ?

    Huzzah ! Howdy everyone ! It is my first post here and I'm completely new to FA... But oh well... I am a pixel artist who mainly uses MS Paint and GIMP. I recently had a lot of fun doing pixel art portraits (though it took me almost half a week for my first furry portrait). So I wondered...
  14. Jaeger Ojanen

    I'm a bit new to all of this

    My name is Jaeger Ojanen, and this is hello to anyone reading. My therapist says I should put more effort into getting back into society, so this is an attempt. I've been home for a few months, after two tours in Iraq and I'm glad to have my feet back on home soil. My skills mainly are in...
  15. Penny_Shavings109

    How do I tell my parents I'm a furry?

    My parents have been getting very nosy lately, seeing how I've just joined the furry community a few months ago. I'm 15 years old and still live with my parents, of course, and I'm really nervous of how they'll react. My parents already know that I'm Transgender and they literally said that...
  16. cjl1agent


    So... Basically I was lurking the web and found these group of people (Its the furry fandom) and i liked the pictures they made and the fursuiting is cool, but I have no where to start so I'll tell you what I have: Name: Cj (Can be changed if given a better name) Species: Wolf/Dog Colors: White...
  17. F

    Hybrid Fursona?

    Hi, I'm relatively new to the fandom and I've been trying to find my fursona, but I'm having a little trouble. I was wondering what others thought about hybrids? Are they ok? Are people who feel their fursona is a hybrid any less of a furry? I was also hoping for a little advice on finding my...
  18. A

    Hello, new here!

    Wasn't sure if this was the right place to post or not, so forgive me if I'm in the wrong area! I was hoping for someone to be able to help me out and illustrate my fursona. If you're interested please contact me. And if this isn't the place to post about this, please point me in the right...
  19. L

    I'm very new to the furry fandom.

    i decided to join the furry fandom, but i shall not call myself a furry (yet), I don't even have a character of my own that i could be. so please help me out! I just love furries, and i want to be one, but i cant even draw originally or know how to make my persona in the first place.
  20. Lyium

    Completely New Furry

    Hello all! My name is Lyium, and I'm a completely new member of the furry fandom and to these forums(I've lurked around FurAffinity quite a bit in the past). Anyways, I created my fursona and everything(down below), but I'm still developing the character and all that. (I may update the design...