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new furry

  1. E

    help find out what I am?

    I realized that alot of the art I enjoy happens to come from furry community so I figured I would give it a shot. I'm pretty calm for the most part, but I do have a tendency to get aggressive when the few people who mean the world to me are abused, insulted, hurt, all that stuff. Most of my time...
  2. dalmatian_rave

    Hi! Floppy-eared friend here, nice to meet you!

    Hi I'm dalmatian_rave but everyone just calls me Kay! I'm a very friendly fur, and I often get over-excited for no real or valid reason? Aha, but I just love making new friends and making people happy, that's what makes me happy! Feel free to contact me, as I've only just returned to the furry...
  3. Cobalteus

    Any Tips?

    Hello I am new to the furry community although since I can remember I have been interested in anthropomorphic animals and have recently gotten into drawing. What are some tips you would have for beginner drawers? My profile pic is my first ever drawing I have ever done of one so I doubt its as...
  4. R

    Hello all im lookin for some new friends

    (left sorry)
  5. R

    ...Hi? I'm not great at intros, but...

    I'm ruberfluffer, but just call me fluff! I'm a Art student from the UK who draws nsfw /furries/mlp in their spare time! Erm, I'm kinda described as a pervert by anyone who knows me? Heh. I don't really mind to be honest. Other than that, I'm pretty much new (I haven't been active for a couple...
  6. Vince_Werewolf

    New fur at the forums

    Greetings, fellow furs: I am Vince. A 14 year old werewolf. I am happy to join this furry community/society; I am relatively new to this furry "thing". Points about me: - I love acoustic and orchestral music - I tend to get carried away too much in roleplay. Like, I mix my roleplay with my...
  7. Agamem-Non


    I'm pretty new here. By pretty new I mean I've been a member for like, five days I think. I would've posted a thread here earlier, but I didn't have the time to (also I just found out they had a "new members" board) Anyway, Hi! I guess? I'm a little directionless at the moment and I'm not sure...
  8. K

    New guy on the block...

    So... this is my first month being a furry like, SERIOUSLY, so are there anythings that I should look out for? Good artists? Ideas? Things to avoid?
  9. Mercuss

    Hello Everyone!

    I am a fresh new fur, I have been in the fandom for about 2 weeks. I am 13 years old, and will be turning 14 in June. A little bit about me: I love to play any sort of simulation game, but I still enjoy games such as minecraft and unturned. I am a straight male from Tennessee, and...
  10. Hollow_Faust

    Hai ^^

    New to the community ^_^ I've been a furry for around a week now, and I've got to say, it has been awesome, everyone has been so nice, and it really does feel like a tight-knit family :3 It'll take a while to get used to this site, but I'm looking forward to making friends ^^
  11. S

    New To All Things Furry <3

    I'm really new to all things that go on in the furry fandom, and I just have a few questions/would like to hear what you have to say! I've been to Furry Weekend Atlanta two years in a row, just for a day each time, and I really loved it! I think all of the suits are beautiful, and after the...
  12. T

    Anybody able to draw a super-new fur?

    hi I am very very new to the fandom, only found out what a furry is in 2016 and I'm in love!! I can't draw to save my life so I was wondering if there were any nice furs out there willing to help me bring my Fursona to life please? Here is Trojan, he is a GSD X Labrador X mastiff, he is meant...
  13. Onyx the Aby

    New One Here...

    Hello. My name is Onyx, and I've been a furry for a few months now and had joined FurAffinity sometime earlier. Just thought I'd make a profile here and get more involved in the fandom. :) I'm an 18-year-old female Abyssinian Cat who loves the color black and dark-colored sodas like pepsi or...
  14. PrismaKitty

    Fur Color/Pattern: How to Decide?

    I'm pretty new to making fursonas and I've already made a ZootopiaSona (a margay), but I feel like a munchkin cat fits me more. I guess where I'm getting stuck is how to decide on what color to make my fursona and how to pick markings. How did you decide? Any tips for a newbie? :3
  15. T

    Hello, My name is T.R. Grimm, and it is my pleasure to meet you all.

    Hello everyone, I'm newish to the fandom, I've been a long time fan of Anthro works, TwoKinds is one of my favorite web comics, Curtailed is also a great one and a little less well known. But anyways, I'm looking forward to meeting new people and making friends in the community. So feel free to...
  16. Penny_Shavings109

    Ideas for a Fursona

    I have recently been in situations where I need to rp as a furry. But I have no fursona so I always have to decline the rp. So I need some help and tips for creating my fursona. I think she should be a crimosn red dragon named Graphite.
  17. StElmosFire


    Hi FAF! A little bit about me, My name is Will. (or Liam, but I use Will online some of the time) I'm sort of your typical tech wizard in training, and by that I just mean that electricity and computers are my passion. My main hobbies include programming and building Tesla Coils (when financial...
  18. Riot_the_Canine

    Enter: Newbie!

    Hello! I'm new to this forum and also new to the furry fandom. I've been toying with the idea of joining the community for a while now and have made the leap! I am still improving my art skills so I haven't drawn my fursona yet, but I do have one. She's a canine with inspiration from Tayerr, who...
  19. S

    Intimidation tactics and a hesitant newcomer.

    First and foremost, let me just say that reading through the sticky guide of to do's and not to do's scared the crap out of me. So there is no need for pitchforks and sharpened claws here, I understand the rules! Hahaha! Now then, onto the typical introduction! The names Shade, but you can...
  20. FurryComputerNerd


    Howdy! I'm new to this fandom so I thought I'd make an introductory post like others I've seen on here. Recently discovered this fandom a few weeks ago and fell in love with the artwork, particularly of Rick Griffin's and his Housepets! comic Always had certain similar traits growing up (had...