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new furry

  1. AlphaBetty

    A wild newbie appears!

    Hello-Hello. I am AlphaBetty, and I'm new (obvs right?). To both furrydom, and the forum. Hell, I'm even just getting back to posting in any sort of forum. But I figure it could be worth going out on a limb, and try to be a little more social. A little about me, well, I'm an artist; primarily...
  2. L


  3. OriAndTheForest

    HELLO!Now I'm in the forum =w=Feels so great to get startin'~

    hello everyone!:p The name is Hope~ and here is my page in FA:Userpage of oriandtheforest -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Honestly,don't know FA has a forum until now owo...of course get involved~ Still i'm new,and I'm kind and enthusiastic,it's ok to talk to me,and please don't mind some spelling...
  4. The ninja angel dragoN

    Any one got any cool species ideas/fur suits for a new furry?

    i really don't know what kind of species i want to be i had angel dragon in mind but i think it would be expensive(my budget is just under 900$.) i have been a furry fan for about 11 months now and i think i should get a fursona for another character(i have one who is an angel dragon but it is...