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new guy

  1. haillin

    The new guy, from CT. :)

    Hey, I’m hailln. New furry from CT. Thought I’d make an intro post! I’m a young guy in his early twenties who will no longer give other people the power to dictate my life, the things that I do, and the things that I love. The biggest thing on my mind lately, that I love, is the furry...
  2. Aketu

    Hello Aketu Here

    Hi I'm Aketu, I'v been on the site for alil bit now but havnt been active due to using my phone. Anyways I'm a writer and I'm hoping to have the time to write plenty of stories to share with future friends and critics. Hope to get to know the community well :) Aketu signing off :)
  3. Chance AscII

    Hello Everyone!

    Hey guys! Finally got around to making an account, and I have to say, I'm pretty excited to be here :) I'm Chance, and as you may be able to notice from my avatar, I'm a red fox! I'll be posting on my FA page ( Userpage of secondchancefox -- Fur Affinity [dot] net ) with new characters, art, and...
  4. McStuffy


    Hey, I'm pretty new here. I haven't talked to any other furries before so this is kind of a first for me. It would be very much so appreciated if someone showed me around. ^_^
  5. Bentastic17

    Hi Guys

    Hi I'm Ben, I am not good with these kinds of things so I'll ripe the bandage off. I'm new to the fandom and the website, how do I go about on this website? Also I am having some trouble creating a fursona for some reason, so I don't have one yet. I hope to make some friends here.
  6. Jaeger Ojanen

    I'm a bit new to all of this

    My name is Jaeger Ojanen, and this is hello to anyone reading. My therapist says I should put more effort into getting back into society, so this is an attempt. I've been home for a few months, after two tours in Iraq and I'm glad to have my feet back on home soil. My skills mainly are in...
  7. Mr. Moonlight

    I'm not creative for a nice title, so I'll just go with a "Hello."

    Hello, everyone, I'm Mr. Moonlight. I don't consider myself (maybe yet, maybe not) a furry, don't even having a fursona nor things of the subject, but I'm interested in meeting the fandom (even don't knowing where to start). About me... well... I don't know what to talk, exactly. :v I'm a...
  8. B

    So i'm new...

    Hello. I've just discovered the furry fandom recently and I'm fascinated and very slightly intimidated by it all. I'm a welsh student studying creative music technology. I guess you could say I have a knack for music. I hold honesty as a virtue to live by, so let me be honest now: I have...
  9. E

    Just another new dude here. (aspiring artist)

    Hey dudes, greetings! Call me einshelm, or 'e' for short. Whichever you prefer. Been doodling all my life and only started taking art seriously for the past two years, and still learning new things every day. And now I'm slowly making a living out of art: doing traditional media illustrations...
  10. lilwane1312

    Hey im new

    my name is Night I am a pansexual femboy hyena who loves to chat!! PM ME!!!
  11. Half

    I am new, and have questions...

    Well. Huh. I never thought I'd find myself writing this. I'm, um, well. New here. I quite like the dynamics and creativity of the fandom as I've seen them so far. I've enjoyed the writing in particular. The art is fantastic where I've seen it, and, well, I've generally had a good time. It's...
  12. 2DFIEND

    Hello !!

    Hi !! I'm fairly new to this website, and I'm going to try to be active and post a bunch of my art on this website besides from DeviantArt. If someone could help me out for anything regarding this website, that'd be awesome ! My FurAffinity is here: Userpage of hydralilith -- Fur Affinity [dot]...
  13. Rumiir

    Hello everyone

    My name is Rumiir, am a blue and silver feral western dragon. I have been a furry for quite a long while, only in the past few years have I been active. I love games and role play, though not the best at ether, but I try. Am 24 years old and currently live in Greenland, my job in the military...