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new here

  1. Kwalla T Koala

    New here :D

    Hi there, Im Kwalla. Im an artist and my bf, @withfurvor, suggested I should join. :) I'm hoping to basically see some great art, meet some chill people, and improve my skills as an artist along the way. I guess that's it! Anyway, nice to meet you all and I hope to have a good time in the...
  2. Manahasu

    Happy new year! I'm new here!

    Heya! I'm Manahasu and I'm mostly a digital artist online! I love drawing cute ladies and fanart for the many video games that I play too much. I'm a big fan of Nintendo, (Pokemon and Animal Crossing mainly), but I play a bunch of other stuff too. Beyond that I like cross stitching, cooking, and...
  3. G

    You Already Know What This Post is About

    Of course you do! This is the Introduction Forum after all. So... Hi! Im new here. Well of course i am. So why dont we stop this nonesense and go chat instead? ;P <3
  4. neon-nightmare

    pixels !

    so im new to drawing furry stuffs, so i wanted to do some freebs to get a better idea of it !! ive done kemonomimi / animal ears before, and i think anthros are the one im comfy trying out ?? all i know is that if you ask me to draw some four-legged stuff, it will be,,, oof.
  5. A

    New Furry

    Hi, uh just realized I was a furry a few days ago, and Um, yeah I don't know what to say. Sorry, I'm very socially awkward ;-;
  6. QtheSpaceCat

    I have no fursona

    Hello, my name is Q (yes actual real name).... I am new to FA. There is one thing in common amungst most furries that I don't have- Fusona's. I personally don't have a fursona, I am just Q, this interdimentional space cat, of human form, I am guided by the touch of the spirit of Cat and she...
  7. kireann

    I'm new artist here :)

    Hello! I want to invite you to my FA page and to this thread. I'm still new here and I'd be glad if you support me ^^ Userpage of arastasya -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I hope you'll enjoy my art ^^
  8. BlindFate

    Just found the fandom!

    Hello! After many years of internet use and drawing, I've finally figured out those animal things I like to draw are called "furries". For better or for worse this is where it's led me. All I've done in terms of a fursona is do the quick sketch of a shark head that you can see as my avatar. I...
  9. Mr. Moonlight

    I'm not creative for a nice title, so I'll just go with a "Hello."

    Hello, everyone, I'm Mr. Moonlight. I don't consider myself (maybe yet, maybe not) a furry, don't even having a fursona nor things of the subject, but I'm interested in meeting the fandom (even don't knowing where to start). About me... well... I don't know what to talk, exactly. :v I'm a...
  10. SavannaEGoth


    Hey there, all! Name's Savanna. (I have a DeviantArt of the same name as what I've got here, also. I'm still going to be using DA as my main art site--I just wanted to expand to a new site I felt I could somewhat fit in on.) I've been sorta setting up my FA and my forum account here for the...
  11. ziggsx

    Hello! i have a furry picture request

    hello everyone, i am new to the community, so i have a few things to learn :) but the reason i am posting this is i am very interested in having someone draw a character from a game i like to play. i also want it to be NSFW so i would like someone experienced in that kind of artwork Thanks...
  12. C

    Hi everyone!

    Hello! So, I'm new to FA Forums, but not to the furry fandom itself. I decided to register there just because I want to talk to people and find friends. My main fursona name is Alen, unlike the forum nickname. It is probably a raccoon, but I'm still not sure, because I haven't finished...
  13. mysticsonata

    hello everyone :3 im new

    so hi everyone! my name is mysticsonata or liam :) its nice to meet you all. i am hoping i can make some friends. ask me anything you like i am a open book :3
  14. lilwane1312

    Hey im new

    my name is Night I am a pansexual femboy hyena who loves to chat!! PM ME!!!
  15. Half

    Oh! Uhm! Hello, I guess I'm new here, too.

    A-as if that weren't obvious by the dozens of other threads for the same introductory purpose...! hah... Okay. So. Uh. Hello! You, uh, can see my Username, Half - My actual name is Ryan, though I don't mind Robin either. Y-you could still just call me Half, that's fine too - I, uhm. Like that...
  16. Half

    I am new, and have questions...

    Well. Huh. I never thought I'd find myself writing this. I'm, um, well. New here. I quite like the dynamics and creativity of the fandom as I've seen them so far. I've enjoyed the writing in particular. The art is fantastic where I've seen it, and, well, I've generally had a good time. It's...
  17. Keywee612

    Hiya i new here

    Hello there I am new of furry fandom plus what feel like, Main goal to have friend or friend who get me who I am, don’t have friend anymore since got school out, I hope make some friend here, kinda shy not very social and anxiety thst my is puzzles My fursoan is a male, species a cabbit find...
  18. 2DFIEND

    Hello !!

    Hi !! I'm fairly new to this website, and I'm going to try to be active and post a bunch of my art on this website besides from DeviantArt. If someone could help me out for anything regarding this website, that'd be awesome ! My FurAffinity is here: Userpage of hydralilith -- Fur Affinity [dot]...
  19. N

    Greetings from Staggheart!

    I have left, sorry!
  20. that_redneck_guy


    Hello! I've actually been on FA for over a year now and just now realized there's a community forum. I'm a 22 year old, male, silver dragon wanting to get more involved in the community. I'm an avid outdoorsman, apprentice blacksmith, leather worker, wood worker, farmer, and aspiring writer and...