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new in furry

  1. Cobalteus

    Any Tips?

    Hello I am new to the furry community although since I can remember I have been interested in anthropomorphic animals and have recently gotten into drawing. What are some tips you would have for beginner drawers? My profile pic is my first ever drawing I have ever done of one so I doubt its as...
  2. Keywee612

    Hiya i new here

    Hello there I am new of furry fandom plus what feel like, Main goal to have friend or friend who get me who I am, don’t have friend anymore since got school out, I hope make some friend here, kinda shy not very social and anxiety thst my is puzzles My fursoan is a male, species a cabbit find...
  3. Kukenn

    Hi everyone!!!

    soo i'm new here as you can guess ; v ; i'm kukenn, i'm from poland so i can make some mistakes because english isn't my native language (so sorry!!!!) i'm also new in furry/anthro/whatever i just started drawing furries this week beacuse why not, i think i should know how to draw it ; v ; i...