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new member

  1. DeadAccount


    Hello there! My names Maple and I am a scary human being! :) Nice to meetcha all! I might do free art when I don't have anything else to do, so uhh! That's something to look forward to >:) Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful evenooning!
  2. FoxWithAName


    This is my first post, currently I am exploring the community and try to find some active threads. I am new to the fandom and new to forums in general soooooo, a complete noob here. Still learning lingo and rules. Basically I am very shy and quite around the Internet, but i want to change some...
  3. deerfairy

    hey i'm new!

    Hi everyone! I'm new to FA. My fur friends finally convinced me to sign up so here I am! My name's Malachai. I'm 22 and my sona is a sika deer. I'm a writer, a twitch streamer, and a Leo. I use they/them pronouns and am also unapologetically queer (and it's NOT a slur). And I'm here to make...
  4. Kiwibat

    New to the Furry Community!

    I'm not to sure where to start at all but hello there! I guess I will start with a little bit about myself? I am an artist who LOVES to draw bats and griffins, I absolutely adore nintendo games specifically Pokemon, Animal Crossing and Legend of Zelda, and I am also from the Texas area! ANYWAY I...
  5. mila_crepe

    Newbie !

    Hello ! I'm just starting furry art and so I decided to join FAF! I hope I can make some friends here and get advice to help me improve my art!!!
  6. J

    New kid in school

    Heya friends!! My name is JJ!! I'm....not actually a part of the furry community but I love seeing the super creative OCs and fursonas that people have made!! I actually wanna practice drawing anthros more so I joined FA to get reference on how other people draw their characters ;w; I'm a...
  7. Deerlordy

    Hey there!

    Hi!!! I'm Booble! Or you can call me Deer, whatever floats your boat! I'm a 19 y/0 (20 in two weeks) illustration major college student! I'm not much of a furry as I used to be, as I draw mainly humans, but I've been wanting to get back into doing furry art! I have,,, quite a few fursonas. I...
  8. Marvin the mink

    New mink in town

    Hello all, been around the community for a few years now and decided to finally try out the forums. Figured i'd do the obligatory welcome post, I hope to make some good friends here.
  9. Kotatsu_Snuggler

    Hi, I'm new

    Hi, I'm new to the furry fandom. A lot of misinformation and just a bad reputation in general has kept me from joining the fandom. But recently I've looked into it a bit and found that the fandom is pretty normal. I'm not so good at online interactions, but I'm still hopping to meet a lot of...
  10. DrachAttack

    A Random Drolfen Appears

    hello I am Drach the Drolfen (dragon/wolf combo) and have just recently joined the forum here. I am 25, love anime, gaming and metal and I very much enjoy talking with people. hope to get to know some of you more
  11. S

    New Member here! X3

    Hello! My name's Stardust, I'm a somewhat kinky furry artist and musician just tryna get some more exposure to my work, and get better acquainted with others in the furry community! I'm into bondage and fantasy artwork and I'd love to get to know y'all more! I was wondering if you all...
  12. SlugSnail

    I'm came here to say HELLO.

    Hi I'm SlugSnail and I draw cartoon and anime. I'm only new to FA since Sep 30th, 2018 so I'm not kind of new here. So anyway, I'm looking forward to start drawing. :D
  13. Darin Waller

    Hullo there, fam!

    I'm Darin, Lv.21, Libra. Graphic designer and digital artist. I'm not quite new to the official site, but I've never been here to the forums. I can be found in the regular site as DarinScraps. I guess my best suit has always been drawing anthropomorphic characters, specially Pokemon. I really...
  14. WolfyCuteTail

    Hi new to the fandom

    Just wanted to say hi! You can call me Wolfy . I am really new to this fandom. I am from the USA. I am a girl. My hobbies are reading books, writing, drawing, playing the ukulele and listening to music. My favorite music genres are rock, pop, vocaloid and kpop. My favorite foods are pizza...
  15. lyn

    Hi there!

    I'm a new user, just made my account today! I'm 19, from the country, and trying to make my way as an artist!
  16. Lezio Fennec


    Hey everyone! My name is Lezio, I'm a male (he/him), 20 yrs old, and happily taken. My 'sona is a fennec fox (named Lezio) and hes the main source of my personality, but I'm in the midst of finding a character to match the other part of me (If you have any free/easily obtainable characters or...
  17. L

    Looking to commission an artist

    Hello- I'm new here and looking for someone to draw up an anime-style yaoi couple (romantic couple, not a NSFW situation). The image in my mind is two anime men in their 20s, but with animal ears and tails. I am able to write a full description of the art and provide concept images to make...
  18. Reseli Antic

    Wazzzzuup!?? I'm new,... soo.... hi!

    Just joined like a minute ago, I hope to know ya'll better. A little thing about me: I LOVE FURRIES-- Though you probably already know that since I'm here.. sooo... Another thing about me is that I'm MLG Pro... not really though I try to be ^^ Heh so like the next guy/girl, I'm just here...
  19. ChimeraInfinite

    Hello, NSFW artist returning >w< w4w

    Hi everyone ! I've been on here quite a few separate times and I just never did find out how to make many friends! one thing I never really tried were the forums... and I find it's overwhelming just trying to talk in artists comments since they don't always reply ;o; I could really use some...
  20. S

    New here~

    Just signed up not too long ago. I'm happy to be here and I hope to make lots of fellow furry friends!