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new species

  1. Wabbajax

    Særkyn: New Semi-open Species

    This is the general overview of the Særkyn species. If you would like to jump straight into making a character, please see the Quickstart Guide. This is a unique custom semi-open species I have been working on for awhile. The official Discord server can be found here: Official FA page with...
  2. Blue Moon the Folf

    Request: New Open Species in need of art!

    Hey!! I have recently created a new open species, named the Val'hyrk. They are primordial dragons that exist in the Abyssal Plains, and are fully furred, with no wings, and no third lung. I have the description for their first member and will gladly send the full species info upon request...
  3. F

    Open species:Astralins

    Hello guys Doing a lil advertising for my species The astralins are officially released and free to make. The critters from planet planet prismodia are just waiting to be drawn. Coming in different colours,sizes and variations, there are no rules for creating one. Let your imagination go wild...
  4. EmberMage


    Please check out the species here: blueviolinist13.deviantart.com: Custom Lineless BirdThings (Bits)--- OPEN Mythic Bit for sale! I'm going to have this listed as an auction, as to encourage people to spread the word, as well as to hopefully get them a good home sooner! Starting Bid is: 15$...
  5. RoseyTheCuteDragon

    New species adopts!

    www.furaffinity.net: New closed species adopts! by RoseyTheArtist sheet at link above Hey everyone I've made a few adopts and I'm hoping to make this a normal thing. The species is called Cerbranches they're kinda a mix of a deer and a sea slug with a few other unique parts. All characters are...
  6. E

    Video Game Furs

    We all know how much Sonic has influenced the fandom, but what about other games? Does anyone have any fun characters or sonas based around other video game creatures and races? And I'm not just talking about regular anthros who have been written into the game's story, but actual in-game...
  7. Pteri

    New open species!

    This is a bit of a self advertisement, but at the same time it sort of isn't because I'm not making money off these... Whatever, the point is that I have recently created a new species called "Flormingoes" (Flora + Flamingo)! They're a hybrid between a plant (usually a flower) and a flamingo...
  8. SlipperySilicone

    Fadies -New Species???

    (I've posted this on Furvilla and Flightrising if this strikes familiar to you) Hello there friendo! I have arrived to announce the starting production of "Fadies"- A WIP species that needs some help- What are Fadies? The word Fadies comes from the mixture of the word "Faded" and the word...