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new to forums

  1. Zinkari

    Howdy Howdy!

    New to the forums, not the fandom! I've sort of lost touch with the community near me and thought maybe I would give the forums a shot. It's been a hot minute (three years) since I've posted art to fa, but I'm making a concerted effort to not be so scared of that. I'm also trying to broaden my...
  2. AdenineWolf

    Hello! New to the Forums, so what up?

    Hey everyone, My name is Adenine and i decided to create a FA account to reconnect to the fandom after a long break. How's everyone doing and if you wanna talk to me go for it! Been a long while since i talked to another fur lmao. I love a good bit of things, video games (specifically the elder...
  3. ThisFoxGuy

    "Well here goes something" - New Fox Guy

    I'm not necessarily "new" to the fandom as I have lurked in the shadows for some time, like 12 years or so. I've never tried to interact with anyone let alone come up with a fursona beyond saying that "I'm just some fox guy". Heck this is the first furry related account I've made on here and the...
  4. ConvexRouge

    Hello, I'm new in the community

    I am completely new in the furry fandom. I've been a silent observer for a long time, but i've never really gotten around to actively take part in the Fandom. I wish I had joined earlier, but I guess my lack of confidence held me back :P I'm male and 22 years old. I live in Denmark and are...
  5. K

    Looking 4 ref sheet commissioner $5 to $30

    I have a fursona design in mind with some reference pics, but not confident in my ability to draw the combination of traits myself... Someone making a reference sheet for me would definately help me out in drawing him myself. ☆ Full pay and credit, of course. ▪︎ Will send reference pic and...
  6. Penlink


    Hi, I just joined the forum today. I'm a NSFW artist, who usually likes to draw Star vs the forces of the evil, Pokemon, Rayman, and other random stuff. All characters drawn are always aged up! Now my reason for joining the forums is that I want to post that I'm open for commissions, and try to...
  7. SophieLovesYou

    Hello New to the forums

    Hello I am looking for new people to talk to, If anyone wants to talk just let me know!!
  8. S

    Needing a little bit of help

    Howdy! I am new to forums and not sure exactly where my question would fit so I figured General discussions would be a good place to start! I previously had another account with Fur Affinity many a year ago but I don't remember any of the login info and no longer have access to the email that...