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new to the community

  1. Ani-Mates

    Hello Everyone! :33 I don't know what I'm doing.

    Hello everyone! I decided to branch out of my usual posting spot and start posting here! I'm very new to Fur Affinity, so some pointers would be absolutely lovely! I'm an artist who makes short animations and stills, and I'd love to be able to interact with everyone here! I started migrating...
  2. Synnotchi

    New to the community, fursona opinions?

    Hello~ I'm Synnotchi. I am extremely new to the fandom and have been watching all kinds of videos and staring at cute artwork all week long, and of course with that came printing out a free fursona base at work and doodling in my spare time with the very limited pens and highlighters, hah...
  3. Nate/Satsuki

    New to the community

    Hey. I just joined not too long ago and I was wondering if anyone has any advice. Or if you just wanna chat that’s cool too.
  4. ConvexRouge

    Hello, I'm new in the community

    I am completely new in the furry fandom. I've been a silent observer for a long time, but i've never really gotten around to actively take part in the Fandom. I wish I had joined earlier, but I guess my lack of confidence held me back :P I'm male and 22 years old. I live in Denmark and are...
  5. K

    Introduction post+Commissions

    Hello everybody, my name is Koko, and I'm an artist! I am new to furry art, and to the community, but decided to give it a chance after reading several posts on tumblr about how accepting, positive, and queer-friendly the furry community tends to be. I am a gay man (maybe non-binary, IDK gender...