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new to the fandom

  1. Synnotchi

    New to the community, fursona opinions?

    Hello~ I'm Synnotchi. I am extremely new to the fandom and have been watching all kinds of videos and staring at cute artwork all week long, and of course with that came printing out a free fursona base at work and doodling in my spare time with the very limited pens and highlighters, hah...
  2. Starfursketches

    New to this whole thing~

    Hello FA~! The name's Nova, I go by she/her and they/them. I'm an artist who loves Netflix and playing Console Games (And some PC ones when my PC isn't broken as hell) I've got a few sona's of my own, though I'm always making new ones :) If anyone wants to get to know me more- I'm always up...