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new writer

  1. W

    Critique: Requesting Feedback on the First Five Chapters of My First Story!

    Hi all! I've been a long time lurker in the TF fandom and finally got around to writing out a TF story concept I've kicked around for years. So far, I've written the first part of the story (five chapters) and am in the process of revising them before I move onto the next part. I'm looking for...
  2. Volmaan

    Newby to the community looking to start writing commissions.

    Hello! So, let's get straight to the point, shall we? I've not been too frequent around the forums or the Furaffinity site itself, in all honesty. I'm usually a pretty reserved person and while I adore art in general, I don't find myself able to draw, or the time to read through other's...
  3. M

    Free comms offered here!

    I'm a new author trying to really get my name out there! As such, I'm offering to do two free stories. One per person and a limit of around 750 words per story, not including the title or any signature. The first two people to request on my FurAffinity account, which is the same as my account...