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  1. berry

    Hello! Hello! Hello!

    What’s going on, everybody! My name is Berry! I’ve been active on FA for a few months and decided to join the forum a few weeks ago! I’m a game developer and writer from the U.S. My sona is a panda who’s also the mascot for my studio. I love getting commissions and YCHs made of him! My username...
  2. X

    (Commission) Selling: 5$ Headshots! feral/furry/dragon

    Hi! since I'm pretty new to FA I'd like to test the waters with a few headshot comms. 5$ (I will request from your PayPal) note: Some of these are fullbodies sorry I don't have much recent headshot drawings OTHER EXAMPLES: Most recent art/Deviantart note: headshots will be around 1000x1000...
  3. Primal the Lycanroc


    Fairest of salutations to you all! I'm Ollie, and it's a pleasure to meet you all! I generally hope I meet some kind folks and friendly faces on here, and generally just have a good time as well! Though, you should probably get to know me a little bit better, just in case. I go by Ollie, but...
  4. Chomby

    Making furry friends on Twitter?

    I'm thinking of making a furry Twitter account. After reading some articles on how to make friends on there, I'm under the impression that gaining attention isn't all about making posts; it's also engaging with/starting a discussion on other posts. I think I have that right. I don't care about...
  5. phantomboo

    New to Furry, Need Friends &/or Tips

    Hi! I'm new to not only FurAffinity but to having a fursona (well, bugsona) overall. I'm an adult so I'd prefer to make friends with people in my age range (19-26) & I'd prefer it if they were more liberal leaning. If you're not looking for a friend or don't fit the above criteria, what advice...
  6. ahecow

    Fetch Me Their Head! (OPEN) $20 Headshots

    ♡♡♡♡ Hello! I'm looking to do some headshots commissions! The Price of a fully colored headshot will be $20. I may charge more depending on the complexity of the design. ♡♡♡♡♡♡ I am fairly new to Furry Art but I promise to put my best efforts towards any commission I receive! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡...
  7. EndoErean

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) EndoErean ✦ Commissions open! Digital and Merch

    Hey guys! My name is EndoErean, im a 27yo new artist opening commissions. I DRAW: - Any species - Any genre - Illustrations - SFW and NSFW Payment: -Via paypal BASIC INFORMATION: 1. I work with 50% of the payment upfront and the other half when im done. No refunds. 2. How I work: You...
  8. Zehnny

    Obligatory hi I'm new thread

    Hello I forgot that I made a FurAffinity account years ago and figured I may as well start using it again since I am getting back into digital art. Username is the same as here, Zehnny. I am really active on twitter too, @/lilZehnny is my handle. I mostly draw pony related stuff but that's...
  9. Wheat-Meat


    Just joined Furaffinity and the forums. I've been on Furaffinity since 2013, but this account is strictly for NSFW writing commissions and personal work. I hope to make lots of friends! And maybe learn a few things. Other than being a writer, I am also an artist, but for now I do only SFW art.
  10. Charsh

    Hello, I want to start commissions and I am interested in knowing how much you would pay for my art

    Hello guys, nice to meet you. This is the first time I have posted on the forum, I am somewhat nervous. I introduce myself, I am a student from Chile, I have known the furaffinity platform for a year and a half. I have started to generate pieces based on original characters that I asked for FA...
  11. PineSoda

    Well hello there

    If you don't mind, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm PineSoda, or Avi. I've been on actual FA for a while but I'm pretty new to the forums. Pleased to be existent here.
  12. Sinamuna

    Chinchilla or cat? ;o;

    Which one is better suited for me, even if you don't know me? lol
  13. Z

    How to block tags?

    Hello, im new here. I dont like some tags and i can't find tag blacklist option. It might be in setting but i can't find it. Is it possible and where i can find it? My english is bad sry(
  14. Ghouliesauce

    Another New FA Artist, oh boy.

    New to FA. Please excuse my extra awesome Bakugo pfp, my ghoulie dragon bab icon is a bit outdated, soooo. |D I'm older than I'd like to admit, but alas. 27, feeling ancient and creaky at all times. I draw anthro, humanoid, feral, whatever really. :3 SFW artist. (old and sfw, waaat? I'm just...
  15. K

    New yet not at the same time.

    I've been on these forums before, but it's been quite a while since I was last active. I'm super open to meeting new people, message me here if you're interested in talking! You can call me Kharne or Garrett (my true name), whichever you prefer. I love space and obviously love minotaurs lol I...
  16. Suri

    Your best neighbor

    ok no... [Español abajo] Hello soy Suri y soy bilingüe, at least a little.Enter the forum to entertain and make friends, I'm still new to furaffinity, I'm so new that I don't even know how to pronounce that word lol. I'm from Argentina, in the south of the world or at least around here i'ts...
  17. transwolfman

    Hello folks!

    Hello folks! I've been in the fandom for years simply as a fan and a writer. I've been on and off FA over this course of time as an observer (Social anxiety sucks!). Now I want to become more active. Wish I could say I was OK at art but I'm still barely getting my bearings after 15 years of...
  18. Mike_Wolf


    Hey everyone, Just joined the forum after being a member of FA for a long time. Haven't used the site, been active or done anything furry related in quite a long time. Probably since furrytofurry.com was a thing (holy crap thats been a minute.) My name is Mike, I live in Dallas, Tx and I'm...
  19. Chomby

    Request: Possible Birthday Gift? [Closed for another year lol]

    Hello! I just turned 21 and decided to shoot my luck. Lol I was wondering if any of you guys would like to draw my new character! The artist is Darimgos on both FA and DA. His colors are different from the original, but that's because the artist's rules said I could change them, so I did...
  20. hardman13

    Hey all.

    Hi I'm new to the whole thing, and don't have enough to commission any drawings. I also can't draw myself, so for now I am but an empty shell. Hopefully, some time in the future I can start decorating but for now I am a husk. Not a husky though, that's the wrong animal! ;) Your's, hardman13