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  1. SomeWandomNoob

    Hello and Goodbye

    I've only joined just now... and it's already the end. I'm Some Wandom Noob, aka SWN! My fursona is a Fluff Ant, species NOT created by me (was created by one of my friends;don't want misinformation going around). That's it, honestly.
  2. Neoma_Ireto


    Hi All, Id like to introduce myself. Ive dabbled in the furry community for a while but never made much of an effort to actually immerse myself. Though ive always wanted to ive never really been sure how. so i thought, hey, there are some forums, lets join one and actually talk with other...
  3. T

    New and a little lost

    Helloooo, I'm teddy. I'm brand brand new to the community and i'm not sure where to start really? I wanna join discord servers and online groups but dont know where to begin. I'm not experienced with roleplay with strangers so wondering if anyone has any suggestions please let me know! :3...
  4. F

    New to...*frantic arm gestures*...this whole thing???

    Hi! I'm Lola! I'm hoping that you won't notice I'm actually 2 goblins in a trenchcoat. (cis female, bi/pan -- idk, dude, i'm figuring it out lmao) I've always been interested in the Furry lifestyle, and now I'm here, developing my Fursona! (Click the spoiler below to read what i have so far)...
  5. Y

    New to the community and looking for advice for getting started

    Hi, this is bit of a late introduction since I've already been active on other threads before I noticed this topic. But regardless, I just wanted to say hi and that it's nice to meet you all :D. So how should I get started in the community (e.g. creating a fursona, making friends with other...
  6. E

    Writing Commissions (SFW/NSFW)

    New to this website and community but I've written a lot of fanfiction and original stories before. I will start out pretty cheap to get a feel of the characters and world you want to have written. I am open to editing a little if you are not satisfied. Just want to broaden my writing and...
  7. RainbowFox666

    Free Commissions, Limited Slots

    Hello Everyone! I am new to the community and would love to gain some experience creating pieces for people and building up my portfolio by offering to work for free. I am a professional artist by trade and have wanted to work in this community for a while! Please feel free to comment with...
  8. Sodasats20

    Hi I’m new here’s my fursona

    His likes are 1:smoking 2: hot chocolate 3:dark humor(his sense of humor is similar to Deadpool’s) His dislikes are 1:shorts 2: getting criticized 3: any motorized vehicle Reply to tell me what you think
  9. mallow

    I had a dream last night

    I grew up online, on forums like this. But in particular, I used to play this game called Furcadia. And last night I had a dream about it. I took it as a sign that it's time to turn back towards my furrier interests. So hello, I go by the name of my character, a rough collie named Mallow, or...
  10. FurryVerse3D

    New here!

    Hello guys! i am Pabiro , a newcomer artist to this fantastic furry world :) I will be focused on 3D art, meaning that i will 3D sculpt your furries, to be posed and create sheets/profile charts with 2D renders of them :), or of course, just offer the sheets with pre made characters =...
  11. ~Echolight~

    Hi, nice to meet you!

    Hello, I'm Echo! I've been interested in the furry fandom since early last year, and lurked on furry reddit multiple times. Today I'll finally make the leap into the fandom! Yay! I'm currently making my fursona, a red panda. I love video games, anime, drawing, reading, manga, playing piano...
  12. Kes

    Hi! New here and looking for friends

    Just wanted to say hi. I’m 41, female and from Northern England where I live with my husband, toddler and cat. I’ve lurked around for a while, but I recently rediscovered my love of doing artwork, so decided to join up. I have some physical disabilities that have meant a lot of changes in my...
  13. Ichigomi

    umm, hiii!

    hihi !! my name is miu and i really don't know what to put here >.< i'm very energetic but also very bashful when it comes to talking to new people. i'm very new to all of this and am just kind of exploring for now!! also, i have a itty bit of a typing quirk where i spell words in a funky way or...
  14. S

    How do I get into this as a creator

    im struggling with money and motivation to draw and heard that the furry community has a lot to offer, how would i get into this industry and where do i start??
  15. Echolepzy

    Err... Hello-!

    Hi-! I'm Indie the Fox (she/they), and uh... Well, I'd like to try to be active on FA and hopefully meet some people, but I don't know where to start... I'm kinda nervous, and I don't like talking to strangers without a reason, but even if I was fine with it, I have trouble finding other people...
  16. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    Request: Tiger year request

    I don't feel for drawing my tiger anthro oc. So I decided toask someone for a draw of this oc: If you want to do something NSFW, it would be a them around boots or butt. If it's SFW, maybe a theme around turkic civilization (Central Asia or Mongolia)
  17. loups_solitaire

    hello i am new

    hi i am new like I found out what Furry is 3 days ago. I used the word furry but didn't really know what it meant. So I'm going to check and I find it really weird. but I feel like it's me. I am this. something like these people are my people. now i am here. for now we are loups_solitaire...
  18. Aquasystem

    Heya I'm super new to both FA and its forums

    My name is Zilla I go bye he/they pronouns and I'm 21 Sorry if my english sucks im not a native speaker;;; i'm looking forward to get to know people! Send me your fa account and perhaps we can connect with each other i've been in and out of the furry fandom but this is my first time ever being...
  19. S

    i have a question

    Hey I am new in here and i have a question. Are there any animals you can´t use as your character?
  20. Z

    How do you know if someone replies to you?

    Hey, I’m new to fur affinity! I want to know how I can check replies on my own to my own on other people’s art, and how I can tell if someone replies to an old piece of art. I am asking this because I often see artists reply to new comments on old art and want to know how to do that. And also so...