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newbie to fa

  1. SarangArcher

    Newcomer here :D

    Hopefully I'm doing this right lol Hello !! I'm Archer, he/him, and about to turn 21 as of posting this!! I'm new to the forums and FA in general- I had made an account a few years ago, but I found it difficult to keep online on so many websites outside of Tumblr (my preferred social media...
  2. fairyfern

    old artist, new style, new account newbie! :3

    hiii! im fairy! i like drawing pastel stuff and sweets! i just completely revamped my art style, i'd love if you could take a look! here's my gallery: Artwork Gallery for fairyfern -- Fur Affinity [dot] net i also love mbmbam, taz and toys- my dream is to collect and customize a lot of toys!
  3. Redla

    Hey There!

    I'm new to FurAffinity admittedly. I created my onsite account in 2014 but only just got the hang of it now, so I'm looking to try out the forums! Quick information about me: I'm Redla, and I'm a relatively new person to the furry community. I've adored the concept since childhood but only...
  4. 2DFIEND

    hi im... new ??

    wow i've had this account since forever,,, really want to change the username but i can't lol rip i've had this account since like 2 years ago? but i never really used it?? it's like i'm a furry but not really? because i haven't really drawn any anthros like up until recently. would really like...
  5. SilveyDesigns

    hello :3 little fluffs

    My name is silvey, it is nice to meet you! I came across the lovely arts on this website and decided to post my own. Seems people are nice here ( maybe cuz most of you are kinky ) xD I am not sure how to use everything yet on the website but I enjoy drawing characters as well as am starting to...
  6. Kiwi-Doodles

    <Insert an amazing greeting>

    Greetings and salutations and all that jazz, I am known as Kiwi-Doodles. Some of my friends merely call me Kiwi, or Ki. You are more than welcome to call me any of the names posted. J I am a gender-fluid, and most days prefer to be referred to as “he/him”. I am fairly new to FA and slowly...