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  1. B

    (5 USD Reward) Shiny Squirtle Name Suggestions?

    I don't know why this is only a PC and console gaming section. All types of games should be included. Anyway, let me make a thread for a hand-held game. lol I used the Masuda method in Pokémon StormSilver (a rom hack by Drayano) and hatched a shiny squirtle after 965 eggs. I'm looking for a...
  2. Lexiand

    Give the furry above you a nickname

    Title says all. Example I sometimes call @Guifrog, Froggo.
  3. I

    Help me name my new fish

    Hi everyone! I am getting a pet betta fish next week and I have come up with some main names for him/her. I thought of something fancy like Amicus (Latin for friend) or Hercules/Athena (Greek names). I also considered Gemini based on my horoscope. Though like a good friend, it never hurts...