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  1. frizzled

    Adoptables: $5 ea

    Putting these guys up for adopt $5 USD each, Paypal only I really like their designs :3 Will update if adopted Message me at Userpage of frizzled -- Fur Affinity [dot] net if interested!
  2. AludraWaterGoddess

    Finally made my own species!!! :D

    I am so happy to have finally made my own species! I love my Nightmare Hounds so much! I even made an official closed group o facebook for them!!! I have a few people that joined already and I already made the first official Nightmare Hound for oe of my admins!!! I feel like I am on cloud nine!
  3. Beatle9

    What's the scariest nightmare you've had?

    I love hearing stories about dreams people have had, and I love horror. So let's combine the two; what nightmare still disturbs you just thinking about it? Mine probably doesn't sound that interesting at first. I can't exactly remember what led up to this, but in the dream I was being chased by...
  4. UldarDragon

    Strange dreams.

    Anyone had any strange furry dreams? I had a dream last night that everyone I know we found out that I was a furry and they began to hunt me 0.o It was strangely vivid because my father was after me with a hell of a big rifle. And I remember leaping effortlessly over the gate of our back...