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  1. zenmaldita


    •❅────────✧❅✦❅✧────────❅• SB: $50 MB: $5 ▶ AB FINISHING STYLE {Click Style Name for Sample} ◇ NOIR AB: $70 ◇ FLATS AB: $80 ◇ CELL AB: $90 ◇ PASTEL AB: $130 ◇ PAINT AB: $180 ◇ HR PAINT AB: $290 If winning bid did not reach $80, it will be finished in NOIR style Background is a night sky with...
  2. NachoChipz

    For Sale! (comes with HQ Drawing $65)

    So I Haven't had much attention on FA because my reach isn't quite there so I thought id try here. The Fur in question and being sold is Eclipse. I've had her for a long time but don't use her anymore, she has a HQ art piece by Eqval and a nude and GA Ref as well as a very cute Icon ^u^ I'm...
  3. Sabergray

    Asking for a review

    Hi, i have been working on this webcomic for a long time and now im doing a reboot on it from the start, what im asking is whats good and whats bad about it, dose it have a good plot, are the characters in there right place, please read it and tell me what you think and dont mind the grammar...