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non anthro

  1. ab-9595

    Hiring: LF Artist to draw Pokesona ($50-$100)

    I'm looking to get some NSFW art done of my Trumbeak pokesona. I have the idea for it already in mind, and I plan for it to be a full body, colored and shaded solo piece of him also with a rather simple background. Anyone who likes/is interested in drawing Pokemon, birds, ferals, on-model...
  2. DariusTheLoony

    Request: Anyone taking requests?

    I know that this is big to ask but I really need someone to draw my character out since I don't have a reference for him. On top of that he is not a furry, he is actually a ragdoll voodoo doll. Here is the information on him and see if you will be able to draw him but I must warn you though...
  3. NicoTheAlien

    Hiring: Looking for a black and white artist for a tattoo design 40$+

    Hey everyone! I'm Nico. I'm currently looking for an artist to design me a tattoo!Lineart with no greyscale. I already decided on the design, I just need someone to draw it for me. Please read the entire thread before applying. Here's the design (I might get rid of the plants around the bunny...
  4. ab-9595

    Hiring: (Closed) Looking to get more art of my Pokesona

    Hello! I'm looking for any artists that would like to make some fun (and maybe cute) SFW art of my pokesona. My price range can be anywhere from $30-$100. I'm looking to get maybe one or two images of him. I have a few ideas that would be full-body, and some ideas that would be half-body...
  5. Karibu

    (Commission) Selling: Lion/Feline Commissions (OPEN)

    General Info I can draw only big felines (NO human/furries/wolves/cats/...) I can draw gore but not too detailed I do not accept sexual content yet (I do YCHs for that type of content) The commission may take from a couple of days to 1-2 months I'll start working only after I have received the...
  6. DeerWitchy

    YCH Halloween Special and Regular Commissions Available!

    I have a YCH special and commissions open! YCH ends the 26th of Oct! Reg Commissions: Sketch: $10 (half-body only) + $2 for flat colors +$3 for shading +$5 per extra character Lineart: $15 (half-body or +$5 for full) + $2 for flat colors +$3 for shading +$5 per extra character +$5...