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  1. cawwa

    (Commission) Selling: Realistic B&W ink ferals $10-20

    I'm selling traditional art commissions in this black and white pen style. I'm in quarantine right now so I can reply very quickly and produce a piece within several days :) Contact me if you're interested! <3
  2. ab-9595

    Hiring: LF Artist for NSFW Pokemon art

    My price range is $60-$100. I'm in the mood for some pokephilia art, (human x Pokemon) and I'm looking for an artist willing to draw some for me. I'm a big fan of pokebirds, and would like the image to feature either a Murkrow, Fearow, or Ho-oh. The Pokemon will be the main focus of the image...
  3. ab-9595

    (Closed) LF NSFW art of my Pokesona

    Hello. I'm looking to get some NSFW art done of my pokesona. It will be a solo piece, and he would also be anatomically correct like a bird, as that's what I like. I also prefer the design to remain on-model as well. My budget is $60-$100. I appreciate WIP's throughout so that I can offer...
  4. ab-9595

    (Closed) LF Artist to make reference sheet for Pokesona

    Hello. I'm making a Pokesona and I'm looking for an artist to a create a SFW reference sheet for it. The Pokemon is a feral Trumbeak (it has the same appearance as in the games). I'm looking for the sheet to contain basic info such as age, gender, species, etc, as well as a labeled color...
  5. ab-9595

    (CLOSED) LF artist to draw Pokephilia

    Hello. I'm looking for an artist to draw me some pokephilia(human on Pokemon). The featured Pokemon is a male Unfezant. The Unfezant would be the main focus of the image, and it would also need to be feral as that is what I prefer. My budget is anywhere from $60-$90. I'd appreciate WIP's...
  6. M.Rockatansky

    30€ Detailed Full Body Shot Deal - realistic style artworks

    Hello and welcome to my new commissioning thread! I want to start off with a very special deal - I'm searching for a specific character to visualize! And there are three discount sketching slots, yay! I would like to get a great reference for a highly polished character with no background...
  7. ab-9595

    (NSFW) LF Artists to draw bird Pokemon

    I'm looking for any artists that are willing to draw some Pokebirds for me, particularly of either Unfezant or Toucannon. The piece would be of an explicit nature (pokephilia) so I would like someone who would be comfortable with drawing something like that. I also would...
  8. ab-9595

    (NSFW) LF Artist to draw Pokemon

    I am looking for an artist to draw some NSFW art of an underrated bird Pokemon called Trumbeak. Specifically, I would like to see some pokephilia (human on Pokemon action, although the human won't be the main focus of the image.) and/or Trumbeak by itself posed in a certain way. If you would...
  9. Anthroaway

    Is anybody doing any form of non-anthro, non-cartoony commissions?

    I'm not a furry, but I think this fandom's got some really talented artists, and I'd therefore like to support it by commissioning someone. However, it seems like most art is, of course (given the nature of the fandom), cartoony. However, I'm looking for furry artists who also do other...
  10. Sladin5Ever

    Canine Only YCH (starts @ $15)

    I have 3 slots open for a canine YCH. You can find all the information you need here: www.furaffinity.net: Canine YCH by Hitaka5Ever