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non furry

  1. Leggu

    Sibotherium ka (paleoart)

    I did a simple, quite generic reconstruction of my country's "national fossil", Sibotherium ka. A close relative to modern day three-toed sloths and maybe one of the first bigger animals in North America. I based the reconstruction off related species, fragmentary remains and the written...
  2. carnivorouspriest

    Hiring: LF artists who can draw beefy monsters/dainty human men. SFW&NSFW ($150/piece)

    Hello hello! I'd like to get a lot of couple art done for a friend and I, along with a lot of single pieces for my friend as well. The only problem is finding an artist who's comfortable with drawing both of our characters, as their body types are drastically different. One is pretty human in...
  3. Axel Lionhart

    (Commission) Selling: April Slots OPEN

    Hey there! I have 10 slots (fullbody) to April. Simple background and clothes are free, but I'll keep it very simple. Feel free to ask questions , DM me here, telegram (@axellionhart) or Furaffinity You can follow my channels, Telegram, Trello. How to Order (link to my site) Prices: My last...
  4. Karibu

    (Commission) Selling: Lion/Feline Commissions (OPEN)

    General Info I can draw only big felines (NO human/furries/wolves/cats/...) I can draw gore but not too detailed I do not accept sexual content yet (I do YCHs for that type of content) The commission may take from a couple of days to 1-2 months I'll start working only after I have received the...
  5. Skakuna

    Shoul I hope for my friend to become a furry? (READ THE POST FIRST PLZ)

    So. I have a friend who said she hates furries, because a couple years ago many of her friends were spamming her with furry porn. I can see how it could make her see that we all go to cons to have furry orgies and how all furries are bad and nasty. She knows me and our another friend are...
  6. SlinshotPup

    Non-Suit Canines

    Disclaimer - I am not a Furry so please forgive me if I get terminology wrong. I am looking for ideas/inspiration/designs for costumes that mimic dog breeds but are not full fur-suits. This is for a black-tie event with an "American Kennel Club" theme. They can use body suits, g-rated skin...
  7. Rosrade

    Portraits sale and more!

    Hi there! I've opened some cheap commissions on my profile! Userpage of Rosrade -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I've some portrait sale on my profile, something like this that I can draw very quickly but if you want something more elaborated contact me! I can draw both furry and not-furry art!
  8. dragoncat-senpai

    Dragoncat-senpai's Commissions

    Furafinity: Userpage of dragoncat-senpai -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Deviantart: dragoncat-senpai on DeviantArt Commission Masterpost: dragoncat-senpai.deviantart.com: COMMISSION MASTERPOST TO ORDER A COMMISSION, please comment or note me with this form filled out Payment Method: Type of art...
  9. fish-with-feathers

    Round 3 Commissions OPEN! ($30+)

    I've been a bit slow to open up commissions here on FA since in all truthfulness I'm not really a furry artist. As such my ability to draw furry art is quiet limited, so until now I've held off. That said however I decided to give it a shot and see how it goes! So until the end of September...
  10. dragoncat-senpai

    Dragoncat-Senpai's Commission Masterpost

    Commission Info for dragoncat-senpai -- Fur Affinity [dot] net (COMMS UNDER $5 CAN BE FOUND HERE) dragoncat-senpai.deviantart.com: COMMISSION MASTERPOST Below is all the types of commissions (prices, forms, and rules) I am offering currently thank you all for your consideration TO ORDER...
  11. JDragon

    Free commissions

    [Closed] I'm a non furry artist with an art style that seems popular among the furry community. I'm interested in doing commissions for people and am starting by offering free commissions.
  12. JDragon

    Free art requests

    I'm a non furry artist with an art style that furries seem to enjoy. I'm looking to do some free requests and stuff. Really down to do anything.
  13. -Praydeth-

    Why most does ____ misconception exist? (Ask a non fur questions).

    We all know there are misconceptions about the fandom but sometimes you guys think it's entirely the media's fault, a single csi episode or a part of the community you practically have to be in the community or hate furries with a passion. So ask away Some questions i will only privately...
  14. Reds33sall

    Non Fur Adopts

    What're your thoughts on non furry adopts on FurAffinity? I have a closed Species I'd like to post, but I'm unsure.
  15. R

    Anthrocon 2016 Report from a non-furry (Probably boring story)

    Hello, my name is randomdood (Adam). I was encouraged by a friend who is heavily involved with the furry community to talk about my weekend and try to post more online or speak up in generally instead of keeping things on the inside. I don't consider myself a furry and I probably never will...
  16. FlufflesKitten

    SFW RP anyone??

    -On skype or chatzy -No fetishy things -Romance(preferably not straight but i guess), action, adventure, fantasy, slice of life, whatever -doesnt have to be furry, but it can be -please give an rp example so i know if we are on the same level
  17. AnnaArtist

    Quality art commissions and spring sale!

    I'm doing a art spring sale, don't hesitate to ask questions ! -Usually I ask for payment upfront, but you can wait until I start the sketches of the art -I often send updates of the process fo the art, sketch, line art, colors -Paypal only and I use Euro currency! -I respond 95% faster on my...