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  1. Phase2

    Hiring: 100-150$ looking for full art (with bg) SFW or NSFW

    hey there! I have a budget of roughly 100 or 150$, though please dont hesitate to post your art no matter your price range, so i can keep you in mind for later if its more than I can handle right now! :) I am MAYBE looking for NSFW art of two male characters (dubcon is an interest of mine but...
  2. Pthumerian

    Hiring: (CLOSED) {NSFW 18+, Budget ≈$200/OBO} Wanting a shaded commission of my two guy characters

    I hate to be too formal and intensive at the start of this ad but I feel it's kinda needed because of the subject matter. The scene I have in mind depicts sexual violence. The scene in question is wholly fictional, it is in no way based on reality, and I, as the sole owner of the characters...
  3. A

    Maveryck's Bully: An old story of mine

    I write on commission, this is one of my more recent stories all in all. Maveryck's Bully was written under commissioner instruction, about his OC getting dominated in a college setting. Its a gay story, bovine male on canine male. Anyway, I still write commissions, contact me if interested?
  4. Phase2

    Looking for NSFW artist

    Hey-diddly-ho there! Never have I ever commissioned a NSFW picture... because I'm awkward as hell, and also pretty damn PG for a 26 year old... So I'm actually not looking for anything hardcore, just mostly implied stuff- if that makes sense? WELL, here I am making an announcement that I want...
  5. Hopviq

    NSFW Writing commissions, 5K words, possibly more afterwards

    Hey there, I'm Hopviq and I've commissioned my fair share of NSFW commissions. Here are some examples : www.hentai-foundry.com: Hentai Foundry www.hentai-foundry.com: Hentai Foundry Those are public writers pages. Please note the "commissioned by Hopviq" and the lengths in the number of...
  6. E

    Quality comissions from $10 to $50

    Greetings! I'm willing to draw almost anything for the given prices. I offer quality, flexibility, speed and a good service. If interested check out my current prices list. User name: El-gallo FA: Userpage of El-Gallo -- Fur Affinity [dot] net This is how I work: The comissions are made in a...
  7. A

    Humanoid, Anthro, Feral (sfw/nsfw), Ref Sheets

    Hello! Name's Ashe! I'm an artist of sorts and it's time to put that skill to use. The money I saved to get my pup some puppy obedience classes got wasted on some car issues. And I want to get her into those puppy classes! Help a guy out will ya? Some Art Examples: NSFW Examples: M/F, M/M...