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  1. Lei-Lani

    "Shadows in Light" is a hit! ♥

    We're bowled over to already have gotten a couple of five-star reviews from Reader's Favorites, including one saying, "...masterfully written. Shadows In Light presents an intricate plot, an engaging work of detective fiction, and a colorful world to absorb readers. It is an immersive read...
  2. Yoserfael1

    Good SFW furry books thread

    Furry book thread for referencing. Post your recommendations here! Yes! Novellas, Novels, Essays, Poetry, Serials, Short stories, etc. Any Genre Any age range Any publisher SFW (As in, you wouldn't be ashamed of putting this on a bookshelf in a...
  3. lizbeth490021

    The Anaether - weird adult scifi drama with some queer smut (non-furry)

    Hi Everyone, I'm currently working on the prototype chapter of my adult scifi drama graphic novel, "The Anaether." It's intended for adult audiences only. The first 20 pages have been released on the main website. You can check out the blog for updates and works and progress, and check out...
  4. N1TR0F0X

    DOG TF STORY | My Life as a Teenage Canine (Ebook)

    payhip.com: (eBook) My Life as a Teenage Canine Hello fellow furry friends! I am offering my own, breathtaking ebook you may want to read! You may find an interest in it's plot. I, myself, have put together these 15 chapters for you to get lost into a furry canine fantasy! I hope that you will...
  5. WildKitFox

    Critique: Firedancer Chapter 1: Pyrrhi (NSFW)

    Hey all! This is the first chapter of a story I've been working on for a while. It's working title is Firedancer. I'm trying to get any all feedback I can so that my improve my skills as a writer, and to maybe gauge interest in the story. This is still far from the final version, and I'm...
  6. furvoreite

    What furry novel you wish existed?

    Let's say your favourite author agrees to write a novel for you. Any novel at all. What would you ask them to write? What would the novel be about? Please be as specific as you can :3 Personally, I think I'd want an adventure-romance novel between a human and an anthro. It's such a rare breed...
  7. Barclay-KR

    Parallels. My first first-person narr

    First thing off the bat, I’m nervous when it comes to speaking about stuff I like. But I’m learning the confidence. I’m new to this forum and I would like to put my first post about my story Parallels. This is a first person narrative I started this past fall semester in college. It’s about...
  8. stardust_and_plastic

    Critique: Vicious readers wanted

    I have a novel that I'm trying to get to an agent and then to a publisher as soon as possible, but I'm terrified it's terrible. I want people to tear it apart (with the understanding that it is an early young adult novel) and make me feel more secure. That said, I can't post it here, it's...
  9. Fere

    Looking for critique/beta readers for new novel

    Hi guys! Just wondering if there was anyone out there interested in taking a read of my latest novel, Blyth Gwynne? :-) Perhaps give me some feedback, pointers, critique etc.? It's an adult novel with wolves, heavy metal, murder and mental illness mixed in for good measure. 80k in length. 5...
  10. Dubhdara

    Fantasy-Adventure Novel: A Monk's Tail

    "If you love D&D and would like an amusing fantasy adventure—pick this up!" Damn right But also if you love Futurama, Norse Mythology, Sarcasm, Badass LGBTQ characters, Russian accents, Necromancy, Bat Assassins, Tim Curry, and The Birdcage. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D174GS3
  11. CardielYFiccion

    [Book] "Fuerza Protectora del Ciberespacio"

    Hi everyone! I just want to share with you my new book titled "Fuerza Protectora del Ciberespacio", is a short novel of comedy, drama and science fiction. Also, I have a site where I have uploaded lots of furry stories and sagas (spanish), you might want to check it out as well. Have a nice day...
  12. Fere

    Heavy metal furry novel

    Hi there! Currently finishing up my 3rd book and was looking to do something a little different this time, in regard to illustrations. Since the focus of the book is a heavy metal band (half way house between Manson and Rammstein), I was looking to do clickable excerpts within the ebook which...
  13. Fere

    Heavy metal furry novel

    Hi there! Currently finishing up my 3rd book and was looking to do something a little different this time, in regard to illustrations. Since the focus of the book is a heavy metal band (half way house between Manson and Rammstein), I was looking to do clickable excerpts within the ebook which...
  14. T

    [Interest Check] Furry YA E-Book

    I'm thinking of turning my hand to an ebook I've had ideas for a while now but I'm one of those people who needs to be supported through my slumps. So I am asking if anyone would be interested and if so, how interested? Premise: Our three 18-21 year old protagonists have to fight back...
  15. sovereign_kyle

    I have a published book! human and furry

    I spent some time writing, mostly as a self-therapy, and the result was published as a novel. It's "Searching Arcania." a Sci-Fi, fantasy, adventure set on another planet. it's available as softbound paperback or ebook. on Amazon: on Barns & Noble: www.barnesandnoble.com: Searching Arcania
  16. K9Lupus

    [Critique Requested] "Wolf Boy" An Upcoming Novel

    Hello everyone, I wanted to extend an invitation and request to each of you to take the time to read over and critique my main writing project, "Wolf Boy": "Wolf Boy" follows the journey of a girl named Nylca who finds solace exploring the woods around her home to escape from the tension of a...
  17. Dubhdara

    New Fantasy Novel "A Monk's Tail"

    Hiya everyone! So I've been writing on and off for a while, simply for pleasure or to let off steam after a busy day. But eventually a novel formed and I ended up publishing it. "A Monk's Tail" is about a firefox monk/monster hunter who gets in way over his head. Action, adventure, and other...
  18. Valin

    Furry Romance Webcomic!!

    Hey! I'm currently making a webcomic called Anomalous and was hoping you'd check it out! It's a romance comic between two childhood friends! I started this comic a long while ago, so the drawings and script in the beginning aren't as good in terms of quality in comparison to more recent pages...
  19. D

    Furry Visual Novel: The Butterfly Dream

    <The Butterfly Dream> is an in-progress Furry Visual Novel project with the main artist shirogom Hachi(雨 (@hachi_duchi) | TwitterUserpage of shirogom -- Fur Affinity [dot] net ). Demo version is available. Korean and English is supported for the demo. The funding has just begun! Support the...
  20. reptile logic

    A shameless plug; The Accidental Ambassador

    As long as I'm in this section, I thought that I would plug my book again. The Accidental Ambassador, by D A Barr. Available in e-book form practically everywhere, distributed through Bookbaby. Places like here: Barnes&Noble And here: Amazon Currently on sale (news to me) for $3.03usd...