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  1. reid minnich

    Furry Detective Noir Series

    PC Hatter's new 13 book furry detective series is available on Amazon. These are parodies of the famous Mike Hammer series of the 1950's turned furry. A new novella comes out each month. Check out the Kaiser Wrench series on Amazon
  2. Yoserfael1

    Good SFW furry books thread

    Furry book thread for referencing. Post your recommendations here! Yes! Novellas, Novels, Essays, Poetry, Serials, Short stories, etc. Any Genre Any age range Any publisher SFW (As in, you wouldn't be ashamed of putting this on a bookshelf in a...
  3. toxicfox1137

    I wrote a philosophical novella featuring fox romance! [18+]

    hewwo guys~ not sure if this is the right place to post this, but id love to share the very first novella that I wrote its is completed with 4 chapters, they are all available on FurAffinity. Its a story of a fox couple told in a different chronological order. note that there is adult content...