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  1. N1TR0F0X

    DOG TF STORY | My Life as a Teenage Canine (Ebook)

    payhip.com: (eBook) My Life as a Teenage Canine Hello fellow furry friends! I am offering my own, breathtaking ebook you may want to read! You may find an interest in it's plot. I, myself, have put together these 15 chapters for you to get lost into a furry canine fantasy! I hope that you will...
  2. TheArtOfDHT

    I Have Two Books Self Published

    " Nightstorm City and the N-50 Riots Siblings must bring peace to warring factions, after a terrifying discovery. Did I mention they are cybernetic cartoon characters. Kelna's Marble Dr Mohammed falls in love with enigmatic woman named Alya, who happens to be from a miniature universe...
  3. Miles Marsalis

    I'm Doing A Let's Read Series On The Forum.

    So as part of my general New Year's Resolution of becoming a famous literary critic who will be the furry tastemaker writing more, I'm doing a Let's Read series here on the forum. I'll be reviewing novels, novellas, short stories, graphic novels, comic strips, and webcomics. It will mainly focus...
  4. Katergaris

    [Discussion] What is it you look for in novels/comics/books

    I've wondered what others view are on this... What is it to you that differentiates the "meh" from the "wow!" I've always been a sucker for a character you can relate to, or at least one that I can empathize or attempt to understand! Of course the art and structure are rather important as well...