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  1. zenmaldita

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Artistic Nude Pin Up $150+

    "double cheeked up, on a Thursday afternoon!" • any gender, any species, similar build/body please • OK: add chest, humans/humanoids, expression change • NO: genitals, nsfw • background: curtains, window shadows, paneled walls & flowers of your choice • nude or clothed. if your character has...
  2. BadKittyBits

    Pin Me Up | BadKitty's Bits

    BadKitty's Bits ------ Female frames preferred - paypal only ------ Pixel Pieces - $40 Flatcolor | $55 Fully Shaded 1 week turnaround (max) 2 Flat Slots 1 Shaded Slot These are much more time consuming than my smooth work, which is reflected in the price Can do exaggerated features, small...
  3. bizzybird

    Some of my art, not hardcore yet(nsfw)

    I don't have a lot yet but i wanna show some of my art. most is nsfw but not really hardcore yet. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/35281857/ www.furaffinity.net: Lady bunnerfeller by bizzybird www.furaffinity.net: Mr. Burbison by bizzybird
  4. Kye


    Hiya! I'm having trouple paying my rent this month so any help is appreciated!! If you can afford any please do me a favor and spread the word? It helps a lot thank you! www.furaffinity.net: YCH(OPEN) by Peachymatsu www.furaffinity.net: YCH (OPEN) by Peachymatsu www.furaffinity.net: YCH...
  5. Zetsuboupuppet

    Zetsu's Commissions (Ref Sheets, Illustrations, Icons...)

    Hello! I'm Zetsu, graduated art student who's currently going through a bachelor of animation, specializing in 3D character animation. I'd be glad to work for you, if you have any project in mind! Make sure you read my ToS at the top of this thread! Contact me through this thread or through the...
  6. Atherra


    Hello! I am Atherra@FA, you can find my gallery HERE I thought that doing an +18 tasteful nudity Valentine's Day auction since I'm new to these auctions... You can find the YCH HERE This is my first thread and I am just figuring out how the forum works. Thank you and I hope you have a great...
  7. dakleigh

    $15-$40 Commissions SFW+NSFW

    DAKLEIGH COMMISSIONS If you're interested in anything that isn't already listed just let me know and I would be happy to give you an estimate! I'm only accepting money through Paypal, and will start the commission once payment has been received. ✦ Pricing ✦ • Sketches - $15 • Icons - $20 •...
  8. Dark_Guardian_Corporation


    Hello! My name is Red and I digital artist. I draw feral anf furry art. My price - Commission Info for Dark_Guardian_Corporation -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Examples of my work: 1. [NSFW] - www.furaffinity.net: Play? [Commission] by Dark_Guardian_Corporation 2. [NSFW] - www.furaffinity.net: Come...