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  1. CatCookie

    Looking for Pokémon (mystery dungeon) weight gain RP (Feeder Partner or mutual)

    Hi, I have a huge interest in Roleplay things where my shinx gets fat, either mainline Pokémon related or Mystery dungeon. would want things to focus on their gains and struggles related to that,not just eat, sleep, eat. Like how does weight affect training, show what the effects of it...
  2. P

    A Strange Question Related To Fatfurs

    Does anyone have or know of any fatfur characters that have a deep singing voice (below C3, at lease down to C2)? This goes for both male and female fatfurs. Here's some examples of what I mean (read the descriptions).
  3. PC Master Race

    Cosmos in Helluva Boss / Hazbin Hotel ?

    Original counterpart : https://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/cosmos-the-restorer.1671283/ NAME : Cosmos SPECIES : demonic beast (unofficial ; same rank as imps and hell hounds) ORIGIN : hell-born RELATIVES : Sol (adopted younger brother) / Galaxy and Neio (adopted kids) NICKNAMES : Bro (by...
  4. PC Master Race

    Sol Wacom the upgrader

    My new sona : NAME : Sol SPECIES : monkey-gorilla BODY BUILD : 6'2" Check out my other sona, Cosmos : https://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/cosmos-the-restorer.1671283/
  5. PC Master Race

    Cosmos the restorer

    Basically I'm making a new thread with things cleaned-up and not an absolute mess. All the details are in spoilers so the page won't be cramped with texts, and all arts of him (including new ones) are in this first post. NAME : Cosmos SPECIES : mammoth-minotaur BODY BUILD : 8' Check out my...
  6. Jakaval

    Seeking Giant Glutton RP Partner (M/M)(18+)

    Hey everyone, Jak here- are you a gaining colossus focused on nothing but satiating your never-ending gluttonous desires? You've come to the right thread! I'm looking for friends and/or roleplay partners with enormously corpulent sonas who want nothing more than to be waited on by an...
  7. A

    Fighting Comic (Gut punching)

    I'm looking for an artist who has experienced in drawing fighting comic, especially in gut-punching and as well as having a decent range of drawing fat/obese character My price range will go from $20-$50
  8. L

    Beefy bull boi is back

  9. ClericBeast

    Fat Furry RP?

    Im new here and looking to find a role play pal. Im a fat furry and would like to rp with someome with similar interests. You can find me on here, skype and on my furaffinity page! ^^