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oc concept

  1. W

    Newbie. Crazy idea. Just might work.

    I am a crafter first and a furry... Well, down the list a bit. That says nothing to how much I already enjoy the fandom. But I'm also...... Poooor. Not homeless, but, currently my bills are eating most of my wallet. That's when I decided to buy scrap fur. Yeah, not a good choice if you're a...
  2. FR0ST81T3

    [Taro's World] Cross-Species Fursona Ideas

    This can be anything, such as a rabbit with a kitsune tail, or a wolf with moose antlers. Whatever it may be! This serves as a potential fursona finding technique too! I want to see what kind of hybrid 'sonas you lovelies can come up with! Perhaps there's someone out there viewing this thread...
  3. ThefriendlyFurry

    Request: Will Trade OCs for Protogen OC

    Okay so I wanna get more art of my first Protogen, however there are some issues; Its a unique race for sonas but I have no money (rent and bills >~<), i also don't really know what i want and would appreciate an artist that wouldn't mind brainstorming with me despite this being a free request...
  4. K

    Looking 4 ref sheet commissioner $5 to $30

    I have a fursona design in mind with some reference pics, but not confident in my ability to draw the combination of traits myself... Someone making a reference sheet for me would definately help me out in drawing him myself. ☆ Full pay and credit, of course. ▪︎ Will send reference pic and...
  5. C

    Looking to trade some DA points for artwork

    I have some points I can trade for artwork of my sona. I want to have him brought to life, he is a Red Fox and all the info is down below. This character is mines, I own all rights to him and I will give credit to the artist. Coyote Sol is a Red Fox who is of French Creole origin and splits...
  6. Diabolica

    The Doctor Is in

    Please pardon my grammar, spelling and train of thought and stuff....a lot of these are Brain Farts and these characters are Under Development. Especially Boris! (Boris art to come soon) THE DOC Available to RP?: Nope too full ♦Personality♦ Fickle: She has a tendency to swap interest when...
  7. C

    Need an artist to help me sketch a new OC, female bear. $10-$60.

    I'm new to the art scene and I'm looking for an artist to help sketch out a new OC. This will be my first OC and I don't have all the details set up but here's what I got: Species: Grizzly Bear Height:Very tall Body: Thick Hair: Darker brown than the fur, styled in a messy bun. An example of...
  8. Extinction53

    Design critiques

    This is my fursona it not fully flushed out yet all i have is that her name is Nänna ,and that she's a african spotted dog. I was wondering if there was anything i could fix or to avoid in the future
  9. FireWOLF-007

    Looking for a few Trades for my OC

    Hey there, new here. I'm currently looking for a few Art-Trades for my OC Sara: I'm looking someone who can turn her into a Golden Retriever Antrho girl. the body should be a bit rough (as in the example) but not fat and the snout should be small. I have experience with Antrhos so I can take...
  10. ThefriendlyFurry

    Need My Last OC Request.

    Okay I’ve been on the forums for a while and I have asked for a lot Of requests (not out of choice I’ve offered to write in exchange but ya) and recently something’s have happened and MIGHT be in line to finally start making money. For that I’m asking for Requests for my last two OCs, after...
  11. ThefriendlyFurry

    I need a $5 ref sheet for my snake OC

    Okay so I need a ref sheet of my snake OC, currently she is in concept but I do have examples of what I want. I only have $5 in my PayPal until the week after next.
  12. GuroBurro

    Show me Your Sona?

    Wanting to try and meet some people around here so feel free to share some art or references of your Fursona and tell me a little bit about them. I'm curious.
  13. M

    OC Created Species - A reference

    I have been looking around to get an idea of what other created species exist already, and have a following. This led me to think: Just how many species exist out there? So, I humbly ask for anyone to provide me with a species that has been created, and I would like to keep this forum here as a...
  14. LinnyChanPL

    OC! Need advice and tips!

    Hello again! So few people from there know my Fursona - Linnie. The white fem wolf. But I'm also creating a new OC. I always loved characters which were mysterious or just crazy. Totally insane even. That's why I had an idea for insane OC. For now his nickname is CHESHIRE (in caps) because I...