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oc discussion

  1. W

    Newbie. Crazy idea. Just might work.

    I am a crafter first and a furry... Well, down the list a bit. That says nothing to how much I already enjoy the fandom. But I'm also...... Poooor. Not homeless, but, currently my bills are eating most of my wallet. That's when I decided to buy scrap fur. Yeah, not a good choice if you're a...
  2. f3nnztar


    share ur sparkledog sonas!! ill start off with mine x3 this is dex!!! hes a big silly :3
  3. space_strayCat

    Does your OC have children?

    Biological, adopted, or even made as a machine, etc. It could be anything as long as they raise it as their own. You could add things like how they grew up or what they are interested in. I'll start with mine. My OC adopts a husky pup as his son after seeing him hiding in a box among the burnt...
  4. PC Master Race

    Your fursona / OCs' famous last words

    Imagine your fursona or favorite OC(s) meeting their epic end in your favorite video games or anime or movies etc. What would they say ? I'll go first. "I kid you not !"
  5. TheShadowCreeper

    Name My Fursona!

    Hello! I am seeking some name requests for my angel dragon fursona, I've had her for 6 years and since I've bought commission art for her I thought she should have a name:p she's mainly white, she's small and very shy picture : sta.sh: Dutchie Lineart (art by LoveyPidovey, it's only lineart)
  6. TheFurryGM

    Technical question

    Hey, I'm new-ish to the fandom, and my sister was creating what I'm going to dub as a fernsona. It was a completely plant based OC, and I was wondering what that would make her. I know there's several terms to go by, such as furry, scalie, etc. so what would a plant based anthro go by?
  7. S

    Am I uncreative?

    Everywhere I look, people's OCs have their own distinct personalities and unique story made up by their creator. My OC, however, doesn't even have its own name. She is Sophia, just like me. She is just me as a badger, basically. The only difference between me and her, besides species, is...
  8. ThefriendlyFurry

    Snake OC Concept

    Okay, I have an idea for a snake female and a shark female as well as a NSFW drawing of my Wolf Sean and My Snake OC. If interested please send me offers. Nothing to expensive as my wallet isn't that large.
  9. dozenfish

    My Undead Horse!

    FA Gallery link! I've had this guy kicking around my head for a long time. He's an old-style Friesian who has been wandering around the wilderness for a long time (he's very shy). He was loved long ago... maybe he can learn to love again. Suggestions/headcanons welcome! I'm thinking of doing...
  10. M

    OC Created Species - A reference

    I have been looking around to get an idea of what other created species exist already, and have a following. This led me to think: Just how many species exist out there? So, I humbly ask for anyone to provide me with a species that has been created, and I would like to keep this forum here as a...
  11. Swizzle Valcar

    I have a new fursona idea...

    Lately, I've been thinking about making a new fursona, and I want him to be a bear. What do you think? Any idea on what e might look like? I'd love to hear what you think!