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oc drawings

  1. fluffgator

    Sketchbook: FG's Doodle Tea ✦ Mostly Furry.. sometimes Dragons and Humans too!

    I've been lurking in the community for a decent bit because social anxiety, but might as well share recent arts from my iPad. Feel free to share your art too and discuss/vibe with me. You can call me by Effigy or FG. My pronouns are they/them. And I'm looking forward to be more active here.
  2. Drag0n-PrincesS

    Experimental sketch requests (closed, you can check my links ;3)

    oki doki so I'm not new in the normal page but I'm new here let's go. Rules, yes I gotta have rules, I've done so many of these I've seen a couple of things. 1 ONE character per user, don't be greedy let others participate darling! 2 Send a pic of your oc OR a character you want me to do fanart...
  3. Silvercatclaws

    Free Art: Practicing on paper

    I'd like to see your OC's to practice in my style! I'm just working with a pencil and paper, but I'll post any sketches I do. I'll mostly do busts, but I love new characters to try! (It won't be on looseleaf, this is just the only example I have)
  4. J

    Hey guys, free drawings! I need the practice

    Hey fellas I'm up for doing some drawings right now, and I'd like for some of you to send me requests for drawings so I can practice my art skills. I'm not quite sure whether or not I'd be considered good, but I can link my FA gallery below. Thank you for any future requests, and I'll try to...