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oc help

  1. Bxb777

    Making a skunkgirl

    Hello everyone! Over the past few months, I always promised myself on making a skunk girl character. I have been getting distracted a lot and I never really got the time to actually draw her. The reason why I want to make one is because I always imagined my Skunk OC, Marcus, is a lonely boy...
  2. Dario the Badger

    Can Anyone Draw My Fursona?

    I just got into the furry community. I'm looking for someone to draw my fursona. It's a lot like my avatar, however it has some changes. I will send out a more specific description if I see an artist that I like who responds to this message.
  3. TheShadowCreeper

    Name My Fursona!

    Hello! I am seeking some name requests for my angel dragon fursona, I've had her for 6 years and since I've bought commission art for her I thought she should have a name:p she's mainly white, she's small and very shy picture : sta.sh: Dutchie Lineart (art by LoveyPidovey, it's only lineart)
  4. Cloudyhue

    Feeling disconnected with all my characters?

    No matter how many OCs I make or buy, I'm never satisfied in the end. I usually really like them for a short amount of time and then get disconnected. I can never pin it down as to why. Any suggestions on how I can resolve this?
  5. jaybirdie

    Oc background help?

    I'm working on a new oc who's a 3 eyed sheep and im having issues deciding on her background. Im not sure if I want her to be focused on hypnotizing others, or if she should be a witch of some sort (if shes a witch she would practice the darker arts) Which sounds more interesting?