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  1. F

    Drat is Evolving

    Last month I decided to pick up a sketch book and start putting ideas down on paper seriously about what Drat would look like as realistically and accurately as I could, and I made a lot of progress. It led to a point where I ended up with something workable. I don't have a lot of drawing...
  2. TheFurryGM

    Sugar glider/plant hybrid

    Hey! I have a mostly completed OC. Idk if I'd go as far as calling her one of my 'sona's but she was a blast to create and I'll probably write short stories or rp as her from time to time so thought I'd post her general concept. Obviously her skills/weaknesses/origin need to be fleshed out more...
  3. zenmaldita

    Not the Words of One who Kneels

    Original Painting without Sepia Tone last updated: June 16 2018 .GENERAL INFO. Name: Malik Volpe Age: Mid-20s | Sex: Male | Nationality: Italian | Species: Red Fox/Arctic Fox mix Height: 5'8" | Weight: 150-ish pounds more or less Birthdate: September 1 | Star sign: Virgo Profession: Current Don...