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oc trade

  1. Ceiling_Cat_On_High

    Art Trade: OC Design Trade! Art for Art

    Hello out there! :) I'm currently looking to fill out my OC cast for a crime/horror-based webcomic project of mine. So, I'm looking to trade for neat designs! If you want to trade OC-for-OC, we will both walk away with new characters to work with. I'm looking for old-school mobster designs...
  2. Ceiling_Cat_On_High

    Art Trade: OC Design Trade! Art for Art!

    Anybody willing to do a design trade with me? ✨ I'd greatly prefer non-base art. Both of us will have a brand new OC to name and work with when we're done! I'm looking for mobster-style character work specifically, since I want to fill out my cast for a webcomic I have in the works. But really...
  3. ThefriendlyFurry

    Art Trade: My two exotic OCs Need Art

    So rent kicked my paychecks ass more than i excpected, so i have two characters a Hyena and a Raptor who are just text. Does anyone mind doing a trade? I have a few OCs I don't use and would gladly trade 2 for the two characters. I will glaldy commission the artists who i trade with once my...
  4. LinnyChanPL

    Art Trade: Linny's Art trades booth~! (RE-OPENED!)

    ART TRADE THREAD Hello everyone! I'm looking for some trades! OC art for OC art! Simple as that! MY OC/FURSONA, LINNIE: www.furaffinity.net: Linnie Reference by LinnyChanPL www.furaffinity.net: Linnie - 3d reference sheet by LinnyChanPL www.furaffinity.net: Linnie by LinnyChanPL MY OC...