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  1. Azelforest

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: War Whale Flatsale [4/5]

    ~-----------X----------~ Whisper [TAKEN] [Price: 20$] (Sold to pandoralilith on Toyhou.se!) "A shy an spooky goth gal!" Pumpkin Seed [Price: 20$] "Watch out for this one, they're usually up to something." Shark Prince [Price: 25$] "They don't take no for an answer." Devil Ray [Price: 20$]...
  2. F

    Surfing furries?

    Hi everyone, long time lurker and first time poster here with an unusual question. Ever since i saw this video: I've dreamed of combining my two passions, surfing and fursuits. While the video was obviously a novelty gag, it touched me deep inside. Theres not much overlap between the two...
  3. Jojer

    Request: I revised my Dragon! Anyone interested in making Derg Art?

    Hey folks, I've been itching to revise my dragon Tylos' reference for like two and some weeks and I finally finished tonight! I've been struggling a bit and art of my brain children usually puts a huge smile on my face. So if you're browsing the forums looking for a fantastical victim to draw...
  4. Dinocanid

    "Dive", Feral Canine YCH Auction

    The auction ends when people stop bidding or someone autobuys it. There will be 4 done in total! One from weasyl, one from here (FA), and two from DeviantArt. DeviantArt deals do not cross over to the other sites. I will not accept cross-site winners! This means that if you win on, for example...
  5. Ijaron

    Cover art (critique)

    hello everyone a month ago i made a coverart for m EDM song called "Ocean Depths" well the the coverart was pretty simple to create but i am still curious what other people think about it^^