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  1. CycadaAcolyte

    Free Art: (Closed/Full) Character Busts/Icons OCs, (Anime & Anthro)

    Offering character busts/square images (potentially viable as icons etc) in a style similar to this piece but more head and shoulders kind of deal. Will likely do a dozen or so and will leave the post up/unlocked till the queue is filled. Yes, these are free as Im filling time and...
  2. tsubelle

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) $35 - $95 commissions! Sketch, flats, shaded. [SFW & NSFW.]

    hi there, I'm tsubelle! I'm a freelance artist who's trying to make art my main job, now that I've wrapped up school. my commission sheet offers prices, where to contact me, ToS and my process, but I'll link my FA and DA for easier access. I'm both SFW & NSFW friendly, and I really enjoy drawing...
  3. Nudeus

    Free Art: Looking for OCs to draw! 5/5 slots

    ★Only want to draw OCs that have a ref! ★Replies kept in the thread, please ★SFW preferred, but I'll consider NSFW for cute boys ★Fanchars are fine uwu ★May expand in the future somethin' like this~
  4. Nudeus

    Art Trade: I'll draw your OC for Toyhouse code!

    Good day! :> I'm looking for a code to join Toyhouse! If you like my art, I would be happy to draw something in exchange. OCs are ideal due to the site theme, but any single character is fine~ Something like this~
  5. CalahooTheHyena

    Out of my OCs, who do you like more?

    I really wanna know who the fan favourite out of my OCs is! I have more OCs, but I want to choose these 3 characters for now! Artworks of Chihiro & Jaz belongs to @/RondoGrazioso on Twitter & the artwork of Echo belongs to @/Chubby_blue on Twitter
  6. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    projecting future draw : suggestions from you

    Heya I project to do a full lineup of few ocs from my 106 ocs. Here are ocs where I will do an nsfw draw. https://d.furaffinity.net/art/germanor123/1645559719/1645529237.germanor123_surendra.png...
  7. Vishunei

    [M4A] Inquiring/Prowling For A Noir, Crime, Or Drama-based RP.

    Good morning/evening; never thought I'd find myself here. Life does often surprise us, for better or worse. Anyhow, as the title suggests, I'm searching for those interested or fond of these genres. I feel a noir setting would be very suitable/complimentary for my character. I feel themes of...
  8. A

    New to the forum, been acquainted with the site and fandom for years.

    Hihi all. As the title says, I'm new here, but not new in general. I made an account to suggest blacklist tags, but I suppose I should try and be social too =3 I'm Aludra, I mostly stick to furry arts and various crafts, and love me some videogames.
  9. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    Request: Frog Fighter

    Did anyone would like to draw oc fighter ? Yoga dentrobate, named Surndra: Reinelerd and Hermann, hermit geckos:
  10. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    Request: request Aussie

    Heya I am planning to built a lore but since I need portraits/fullbodies poses, I need someone for drawing these ocs: Hope you like them. They have crocodiles full skin boots.
  11. S

    [CLOSED] Hiring: $80-$100 (NSFW) Looking for a M/F Pokemon Commission

    Hi. I have a budget of around 80-100 dollars on me, and not sure for how much that covers, but I want one or two pictures featuring two Pokemon OCs. The two species I want is with a male Bisharp and a female Vaporeon; with both body types staying to their true design, but with a few decorative...
  12. Wolvinof

    (Sort-of Vent) Is it dumb to get angry at questions about your OC, no matter how simple and basic the OC is?

    (I'm going by the idea that the guy isn't on the forums. If he is and sees this, screw it, I don't care now.) So, I had an idea and did some art of an inflatable plane deflating. They were only meant to be a generic plane just so I could do a plane deflating, but a friend I was chatting with...
  13. B

    What will happen to your fursona(s)/character(s) when you are no longer alive?

    I know, I know. It's a morbid question, but it is one I am genuinely interested in seeing answers to. I started thinking about this after thinking about my mortality, which many of us do. I ended up thinking of maybe putting my fursona and other characters in a will, or giving them away myself...
  14. B

    Let ME rate your sonas/OCs

    Have you come from this person's thread? Looking for a second opinion? First time? Well you've come to the right place! No limit of the amount of characters you send for a rate. Just don't spam. (。•̀ᴗ-) Remember that everyone's preferences are different. If I give your character(s) a low...
  15. UwUCarlaUwU

    Free Art: Free Art! :D

    Hello! Hows it going? i am open to draw your oc FOR FREE :D No: NSFW Babyfur Fatfur Or anything innapropiate. Yes: Cute Shy Edgy Angry anything that is SFW
  16. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    Art Trade: One Art trade open

    Heya I will open art trade with ONE artist, I will choose it depending to his art level. Only anthros or ferals ocs. here is my gallery: Userpage of Germanor123 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I will take my ocs also. This will be a picture with 1-2 ocs and I will be a bit slow because of college...
  17. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    Comic project

    Hello I will maybe do a small comic project, you will vote for pred and prey. And also theme. for vore, only anal or soft. Also, choose ocs in my list and I want same size.
  18. vampyric

    Sketchbook: crow's art dump thread

    hi everyone! some of you may have seen my sales threads, but i figured it would be a good idea to post my art in general here on the forums ~ i'm a 22 year old autistic queer nonbinary digital artist, and i have a bunch of ocs c: i'm trying to build up my following so i can reliably make a...
  19. Dreammaker33

    Sketchbook: Artwork of my cow characters and other stuff

    Here's my artwork from my project of making cow characters, there may also be some other stuff to look at here too. Thanks for looking.
  20. Dreammaker33

    Hiring: Cow character avatars($15 to $122) (CLOSED)

    Type Of Commission: Cow character avatars for use online. Number Of Required Pieces: four File Type: PNG File Resolution: 200 x 200 or 500 x 500 OC/Other References: Harriet, Melisa, Caroline, Rose. Payment,Paypal, Points: Paypal Payment Full Or Half: half or full Budget: $15 to...