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  1. Desire

    HQ Characters For Sale! (Discounted)

    Hi everyone, I've come across an urgent financial situation so I'm reselling most of my ocs. I'm open to trades but very picky so the chances are very slim. Please drop by and check them out here on my toyhou.se account: Desire on Toyhouse Please take into account that most of them are already...
  2. Lucidic

    Show me your favorite OCs

    To simply put it, I need a bit of inspiration and I like to look at and learn about other people's characters and creations. Drop pictures of your favorite OCs and tell me a little about them.
  3. SwirlyLion

    Commissions starting at $5!

    Hello everyone! Commissions are open on my end! I would love to do $5 cleaned up sketches of your fursona or OC! Nothing +18 for now please! Feel free to message me at any time! You can also send me a message on my FA as well! Userpage of LionSwirl -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  4. HellsBaby99

    Just open for Art Trades

    Don't have any rules right off the bat besides no scat and no heavy mech. I'll draw gore, vore,ocs, nsfw, hyper, and certain kinks if requested. Please contact me via Twitter, Discord, FurAffinity or Telegram if interested. Twitter: @SodaPopPanda Discord: ResistingArest#6834 Furaffinity...
  5. CatSprinkles

    PWYW colored sketches!

    Cheap n' quick sketch commissions! I'm in the mood to do some quick sketches, so I'm doing some sketch commissions! I'm doing fullbody, coloured sketches! Pay what you want in USD! <3 Examples Ruuules - Accepting USD only - I can do as many as you want, but please pay seperately for each! -...
  6. FluffyChuck91

    FluffyChuck91's Commissions!

    I just graduated from SCAD with an MFA in animation, and while im looking for work, i could use some help. Heres my chart: And here are the rules: Do’s: - OC’s - Fanart - Pin-ups - Caricatures - NSFW (Depends on the subject) DONTS: - Loli/Shota - Fetish art (Again, it depends) -...
  7. PaperDawls

    Paper's Art dumpz

    I don't know man, I just do. I guess we'll begin with a Panther. He is a lawyer with a passion for french pastries. His name is Emanuel. He tends to get into fights because of his size and demeanor. People think he is a tough guy. He's a huge goofball. Fiercely loyal. My boy, my baby. A...
  8. kittysins

    emergency commissions ($5-$20) [OPEN]

    COMMISSION INFORMATION hello guys! i'm currently taking traditional commissions! i am willing to draw pretty much anything; humans, dragons, ocs, animals, furries, ect examples: more examples here! prices; circle art: $5 - $10 half piece: $10 - $15 full piece: $15 - $20 for an extra...
  9. FluffyChuck91

    Sketch Commissions!! ($20 each)

    Im taking sketch commissions! They are $20 + character, $5 more if colored. RULES: Do's - OCs - Fanart - Pinups - NSFW art (depends on the subject) DONTS - Hardcore Porn - Violence/Gore - Political/religious I only accept paypal commissions! If you have an idea for me, PM me or email me at...
  10. FluffyChuck91

    FluffyChuck's Art

    I draw a variety of stuff including fanart, OCs, and character sheets. My Furaffinity page is here: Userpage of FluffyChuck91 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  11. BadMasterYouJerk

    Hewwo! New Kid On The Street!

    I'm Kris, I'm 20, havent been on this site before but I've heard a lot about it. Just recently got my profile up and running, so I'm hoping to make some friends here! Im a cartoooonish? I think? Idk what youd call my style but I like to think I do something unique XD Hit me up if youd like to rp...
  12. miikan

    y hello there

    Hey there my name is Danni! They/them prounouns pls I'm new to this website and well I think this is actually the first time I'm going out to the furry community. I've been a furry for a couple of years but I actually hadn't known where I could go out and become a part of the community, just...
  13. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    art trade special holiday

    Art trade was open but I will try to do my best you can in this first slot : byzance123.deviantart.com: OC list ( WIP ) art trade I will try to draw anythings for you. rules : - draw 2 ocs minimum to draw, I will draw 2 ocs minimum too - used ocs can't be re-used - a little moderate artists...
  14. T

    Writing Commissions!

    I'm opening writing commissions! I charge a base of $10, after that it is $1 for every 100 words. 500 words - $10 1,000 words - $15 1,500 words - $20 2,000 - $25 And so on. I won't charge for extra words I tack on. For example, if you commission me for 1,500 words and I write 1,600, I will...
  15. Snoozysnore

    Character Trades

    Hi! Looking to see if anyone's interested in any of my OCs Mainly looking for characters, but will also accept USD or art offers on characters in my others album only Mains Others Please be aware I cannot trade or sell Moonshine Thank you!
  16. HAARPO

    $15 colored sketches | Full color art available

    Heyyy! my name is Jordan and I'm brand new to the forum rip I'm also very new to anthro art but I thought I'd sell some sketches and hopefully will get enough practice to draw more detailed furry art in the future. As far as furries go, I'm only offering sketches like the ones below for $15...
  17. LiquidCake


    Hi there~! I'm new to the forums and to FA itself, so this is kind of exciting! Regardless, let's get down to what I have to offer! Sketches -Headshot: $6 -Mid-waist: $7 -Fullbody: $9 +Extra Character*: $5 Flat Color -Headshot: $15 -Mid-waist: $18 -Fullbody: $20 +Extra Character*: $8 Full...
  18. GesuGesu

    OC revamp

    I wanted to get back into drawing anthros as well as clean up and revamp my first few furry OC designs now that I have a bit of breathing space in my schedule. ... And it turned into its own little mini world!! I usually don't think too hard about character backgrounds or details, but I had...
  19. kittysins

    ♥ Kittysins' Commissions [$5+] [5/5 SLOTS] ♥

    Hello!! I'm opening up some commissions. These are pay what you want, and start at $5. The quality will depend on how much you pay (for example, $5 would be a lined bust, whereas $20 would be a fully shaded half body, ect) Examples; I am willing to draw; Humans Furries Canon characters or...
  20. Cauchmar

    Free coloured sketch requests!

    Hello! I'm still fairly new here and Im trying to get my art out, so I thought it'd be a good idea to practice by doing some free stuff. I decide whether it'll be a bust, full-body, half-body, see it as a surprise Here's my page for examples, I've been uploading a few things. It'd be sweet if...